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Hayward Universal ColorLogic Return Light (100 ft Cord)

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Bring colour to all corners of your backyard oasis! The new return lighting provides total colour coordination of all water environments and synchronization with all Universal ColorLogic lights.

Key Features

  • Best solution for distributed pool/spa lighting
  • Total colour coordination of all water environments and with Universal ColorLogic Lighting
  • Sync pool, spa and return colours and shows
  • 10 fixed colours and 7 colour-changing shows
  • Ideal lights for steps, jets, bubblers, baja shelves, fountains, etc.
  • 2 brightness options available and multiple cord lengths
  • Can be installed wet or dry
  • Easiest 1.5 inch light to install
  • Installed just 4 inches below the water line and in as little as 8 inches of PVC pipe
  • Available in stand-alone or network
  • 101 colours and 11 colour-changing shows available in network mode
  • Vinyl, fiberglass (additional components required), and concrete (additional components required) low-profile installations
  • Comes with simple installation tool

Product Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Hayward Universal ColorLogic Return Light Brochure (colorLogic-320-return-light-can-LITACL15C.pdf, 714 Kb) [Download]

HW Univ Colorlogic Inspectors guide (UniversalColorLogicandCrystaLogic-InspectorsGuide.pdf, 103 Kb) [Download]

HW Univ Colorlogic Operations manual (UniversalColorLogicandCrystaLogic-InstallationandOperations.pdf, 3,178 Kb) [Download]

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