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How Much Sand Does My Pool Filter Need?

If you need to add or replace sand in your pool filter, whether for the first time or as part of routine maintenance or pool start up, our helpful chart below will tell you exactly how much sand should be added. Additionally, should you wish to use alternative filter media such as our Filtra Ball product, we have a sizing chart for the number of boxes of those required as well.

Filter Model / SizePounds Required (Sand)Filtra Balls Required (Boxes)
Hayward Sand Master  
16 Inch100 Lbs2 Boxes
19 Inch150 Lbs3 Boxes
21 Inch200 Lbs4 Boxes
23 Inch250 Lbs5 Boxes
25 Inch300 Lbs6 Boxes
30 Inch500 Lbs10 Boxes
Hayward Pro Series  
18 Inch125 Lbs2 1/2 Boxes
21 Inch200 Lbs4 Boxes
Hayward Swim Pro Series  
24 Inch200 Lbs4 Boxes
27 Inch300 Lbs6 Boxes
Pentair Sand Dollar Series  
26 Inch350 Lbs6 1/2 Boxes
Carvin "Laser" Series  
16 Inch100 Lbs2 Boxes
19 Inch150 Lbs3 Boxes
25 Inch325 Lbs6 1/2 Boxes
GAME SandPro Series  
Model 35D30 Lbs1/2 Box
Model 50D45 Lbs1 Box
Model 75D80 Lbs1 1/2 Boxes

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