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How to Automate Pool Care

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a dip in your pool on a hot summer day. But with the summer heat and increased pool use comes innumerable tests, PH balancing, chemical additions, filter cleaning, scrubbing, brushing, and debris removal. After all that you have to be wondering if owning a pool is really all that relaxing after all!

Fortunately there is a way to enjoy your pool and reclaim your summer. Automating your pool care may seem like something out of the Jetsons but it is a tried and tested method of minimizing the amount of time that you need to spend maintaining your pool. That means you’ll spend more time relaxing, and less time on maintenance – all while keeping your pool even cleaner than before!

Follow this simple guide to learn how to completely automate your pool care.

What is swimming pool care automation?

From Google, to smartphones, to GPS, modern technology has made our lives exponentially easier in so many ways, so it should be no surprise that technology has also revolutionized pool care. Pool care automation uses the latest technology to test your pool water, automatically add the necessary chemicals, and even clean your pool, all without any human intervention required.

Obviously you will still have to regularly refill your automation system with the required chemicals, but doing so once per month is far easier than testing and balancing your pool every week.

What are the costs associated with automating pool care?

Automating your pool care does require an initial investment of anywhere between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand. Pool Supplies Canada has a range of systems depending on your needs and the level of automation you’re looking for.

Proponents of automated pool care are quick to point out that it really is an investment. You’ll be paid dividends in more free time on the weekends, greater confidence in your pool chemistry, less risk of damage to your pool resulting from excessive or inadequate PH levels, and peace of mind knowing your pool is always safe.

How to automate your pool care

Automating your pool care means that you need to invest in the right systems which might include a(n):

  • Pool monitoring system

    Pool monitoring systems constantly measure your pool’s chemical levels and automatically tell you when to add pool chemicals.

    Bluetooth enabled electronic monitors deliver information directly to your smartphone. Sensors that are connected from your pool to your device send data on the water conditions of your pool, including reports of the pH, chlorine and alkaline levels. Pool monitoring systems come with a variety of features, depending on brand and price. More elaborate systems allow you to control temperature, lighting and additional pool features from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

  • Chemical feeder/chlorinator

    Pool chemical feeds make adding the necessary chemicals easy, or if you would prefer a completely hand-off process there are automated feeders available as well.

    Feeder systems automatically dispense the exact amount of chemicals needed to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. When buying a chemical feeder, consider the size of your pool as systems come with a variety of different chamber capacities. Also, look for a system that has a locking mechanism for safety and a regulatory valve that will allow you to manually control the rate at which chemicals are fed into your pool.

  • Mineral dispenser

    A mineral dispenser can help naturally kill bacteria and algae, thus reducing the amount of chlorine needed. Mineral dispensers work with your pools filtration system to automatically purify water by distributing bacteria and algae fighting minerals. Mineral dispensers are a low-chlorine alternative to a traditional chemical feeder. Look for a system with controlled release technology to protect against staining and to delver the exact amount of minerals required by your pool.

  • Automatic cleaning system.

    As important as it is, keeping your pool chemicals balanced is just one part of pool maintenance. You also have to keep your pool free of dirt, debris and grime. Using an automatic pool cleaner (often called a ‘robot’) is a great hands-free method of keeping your pool clean and free of visible dirt.

    Automatic cleaning systems come in two varieties: handheld suction cleaners and hands-free robotic cleaners. There are many options for either system, depending on your expectations. Autonomous robotic systems tend to be more expensive, however they come with more features. Suction cleaners allow the user to control where they want to clean, depending on the area of the pool that requires more attention. In addition to usability, it is also important to consider motor life and energy efficiency, filtration capability, brush rotation acceleration, speed and accessibility.

You may also want to consider investing in a saltwater pool which uses electrolysis to convert salt to chlorine, meaning you just have to refill the salt supply periodically and the system will take care of the rest.

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