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How to Care for Your Patio Furniture

Properly caring for your patio furniture will prolong its life and look. As much as Canadians love nature, we know that outdoor forces can be a challenge! We'll review some tips and tricks to keep your backyard patio sparkling all year round.

Keeping Patio Furniture Clean

Cleaning up messes and regular maintenance will help keep your patio furniture looking as good as new!

Wiping up spills and outdoor debris (like mud) on your furniture is crucial to prevent staining. Regularly wiping down furniture to remove dust and pollen will also help keep it in good condition. Not only will your furniture stay beautiful, but you and your family will want to get the most out of it when things are nice and neat.

Pro Tip: If you have a saltwater pool, take time to wipe down any wicker, natural stone, or wrought iron furniture with unsalted water. Make sure to pat these materials dry.

How to Clean Furniture

When you wipe down your furniture, it's best to use an outdoor cleaner.

We recommend using Vinyl Liner Tile and Patio Furniture Cleaner.

This multi-purpose tool is perfect for keeping things tidy on dry land and doubles as a gentle cleaner for your swimming pool or hot tub.

Pro Tip: Our favourite outdoor scrubbing sponge is the Scrubber Fine Grade Sponge, which is perfect for all kinds of surfaces. We love that the handle gives the scrubber extra durability, and can help keep your hands out of the cleaner solution.

Outdoor Pillows

Keep pillows firm by flipping them periodically. This will help them wear evenly and reduce the likelihood of depressions forming in the foam. Just like with your mattress and living room sofa, soft materials can be altered over time!

Don’t stress over messes. Outdoor pillows and cushions work best with a fabric cleaner. Magic Boss Citrus Cleaner works on both fabrics and vinyl, making it perfect for your cushions.

Dealing with Weather

The best way to protect your patio furniture from the weather is to move it into a secure, dry place before high winds or rain.

Having a waterproof cover is another excellent solution for rain. If you cannot move all your furniture inside before rainfall, secure the cover to keep it dry!

Don't sweat if you can't get to your furniture in time. We have some tips to help you deal with drying patio furniture once it is soaked.

Help your patio furniture resist water if you can. Magic Boss Protectant and Water Repellant will make your furniture resistant to moisture, giving you a leg up against spills, mist and morning dew.

Pro Tip: Do not dry your outdoor furniture with a hair dryer or heater. Often, outdoor fabrics contain water-resistant synthetic fibres. This fabric is strong against liquids and rips but can stretch out under direct heat.

Winterizing Furniture

Your best option during the Winter is to store the furniture indoors long-term. Use a cleaning solution to wipe down furniture before you put it away.

For perfect furniture come Spring, find a spot that:

Move the furniture indoors before the first frost. Temperatures that dip below freezing could cause plastic components to become brittle and crack. Check on your furniture a few times over the Winter to make sure it hasn't been damaged.

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