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How to Change a Bulb in Your Pool

Swimming at night in the refreshing, luminous water is one of the best perks of owning a pool, however, you will eventually need to change the bulb to keep your water aglow. Follow these easy steps to safely change your pool's light bulb.

Always keep in mind that working with electricity around water can be extremely hazardous. Exercise extreme caution while changing your light.

1. Gather Materials

First, you’ll need to purchase the correct replacement light and lens gasket. You can find the necessary information on a sticker on the back of the light housing – where the cord attaches to the housing.

You’ll also need two screwdrivers: one Phillips and one flat head and some dry towels.

2. Shut off the Electricity

Turn off all electricity to the pool area at your circuit breaker.

3. Double Check

Do not continue unless you are 100% sure the electricity is off. Either use a circuit tester, or try turning on other electrical equipment affected (another light or a pool pump, for example).

4. Remove the Screw at the Top of the Fixture

Usually this is a Phillips screw. It affixes the light fixture to the niche.

5. Separate the Light Fixture from the Niche

These fixtures usually have a tab at the bottom. Use your flat head screwdriver to remove the light from the fixture.

6. Pull the Light onto the Pool Deck

The cord should be long enough to allow you to do this. Lay the light on one of your dry towels on the pool deck.

Use another towel to dry the light.

7. Remove the Lens

You’ll have to take off the face ring, lens gasket, and lens by removing the screws and clamps that secure them. Gently pry these components off.

8. Remove the Burned-Out Light

Use a towel to grasp the light and gently unscrew it. After removing the light dry the inside of the fixture with the towel.

9. Reassemble the Light with The New Components.

Screw in the new light bulb, being careful not to overtighten, install your new light gasket and reassemble the remaining parts.

10. Quickly Check the Light

Turn on the power and them the light for 1-2 seconds. These lights aren’t designed for use above water so be as quick as possible.

Before continuing, double check that the power is turned back off.

11. Check for Leaks

Submerge the light. A few bubbles will rise to the surface, however air should not be escaping from the sealed outer edges.

12. Replace the Light

Put the light and excess cord back into their original position. Make sure that the holes line up correctly and return the screw to its position at the top of the light fixture.

13. Final Check

Turn on power and check that your new pool light works correctly.

A Final Tip

These steps are simple, but to keep you and your family safe it is important to be meticulous and thorough. It’s a small price to pay to enjoy night swimming!

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