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How to Choose The Right Patio Furniture For Your Space

Choosing patio furniture can be tricky, since functionality and durability are at the forefront of your needs. We'll go over how to choose the best patio furniture for your backyard that prioritizes practicality and style!

Where to Start

Consider these aspects of your yard while you look for furniture and while you come up with your dream design.

Layout of area

The layout of your yard will impact what type of furniture works best. There are a few elements we suggest you consider while you plan your patio paradise

The Shape of the Patio

Size of the Area

The size of your area will have a considerable influence on what you can do with the space.

Oversized patios can have more, bigger furniture. However, small spaces can easily be made chic and functional.

If you have a small space, you can explore:

If you have pets, always consider their health and happiness when planning your yard.

Number of Required Seats

Whether it's a romantic evening for you and your partner, a family reunion, or a night with friends - you don't want to scramble for seating.

You'll want your outdoor space to seat the entire group comfortably while also being reasonable for the amount of space you have.

If you have a large family, benches or picnic tables can be a perfect multi-seater option at dinnertime. Plus, they're easy to clean and give your backyard a nice look.

Generally speaking, it's always good practice to have one or two extra chairs you can bring out if needed. Forget the while plastic stackable chairs and embrace a beautiful metal set that won’t crack or break over time.

Furniture Breakdown

There is a lot of different furniture to explore, here's what you need to know about the most popular options!


Gather around the table and have the time of your life! These tables are functional, and act as furniture focal points.

Picnic tables: These space savers and multi-seaters are everything you need. They also make an excellent work surface for crafts and gardening.

Umbrella tables: Classic umbrella tables are functional and create a classic backyard aesthetic.

Heated tables (fire tables): Fire tables are an event. They keep you warm, are fun to set up and manage, and keep everyone merry long into the night.

Backyard Sets

Getting a set makes it easier to keep your backyard style consistent and means you don't have to worry about looking for individual pieces of furniture.

We'll break down popular types of backyard sets you're sure to come across.

Sofa sets: Sofa sets are one of our favourite creature comforts. These multi-seaters will have plush materials and often include coffee tables or footrests.

Bistro sets: Your classic small space option, these sets are elegant. They typically include two chairs (often wrought iron) and a table.

Conversation sets: Conversation sets are similar to bistro sets but typically a bit larger and have more variation in style.

Table sets: Similar to a kitchen table set, but made to endure the elements of nature. These sets will include a table and matching chairs.


We'll go over some of the most popular furniture materials and let you know what makes them unique.

Aluminum: Aluminum is visually the same as steel - it's lightweight, and more affordable.

Iron: This aesthetically pleasing choice is unique, but can be heavy depending on the size of the piece; you will need to care for it, as the material will rust over time.

Plush: Plush outdoor fabric is typically limited to removable cushions; most are synthetic blends for ease of water resistance and washing.

Wicker: Wicker (or rattan) is a lightweight classic! This material is beautiful, but may not suit everyone's style goals; wicker is not recommended if your yard often has wasps.

Resin: Resins and plastics are water resistant and can come in any colour or style you like; bring them in when the temperature dips, to prevent cracking.

Gazebo Getaways

Gazebos are the ultimate comfort solution for creating an outdoor paradise. Gazebos bring all the convenience of staying indoors right outside.

Spend time outside, in the rain or shine! Standard gazebos are 10ft by 10ft, but sizes can go as low as 8ft by 8ft and as high as 14ft by 14ft.

Gazebos with Netting

One of the best features of gazebos is bug netting. Mesh netting creates walls that allow a breeze but keep flies and mosquitos out.

Bug nets also mean you can have delicious meals without being pestered by bees. If you or a loved one have a bee allergy but want to spend time outdoors, a gazebo can be a fantastic solution to avoid stingers!

Outdoor Heaters

Stay out late during Summer nights and enjoy Autumn! An outdoor heater will keep everyone comfortable. Plug them in and enjoy the warmth!

Fire tables (see above) and fire pits are also unique ways to heat your patio.

Poolside Furniture

If you have a swimming pool, you may want to focus on some poolside furniture.

Choose poolside furniture made of plastics or resin, as splashing won't damage those materials.

For creating your backyard beach, you'll need:

  • Shade: Cantilever or hanging umbrellas are a great fit
  • Seating: The best option is to have lounge chairs, Muskoka chairs, and other comfy seats you can relax in
  • Side tables: Sets usually include tables, otherwise choose ones that can fit all your needs
  • Snacks: A wheeled stainless steel cooler is a sleek, modern choice for your food and drinks

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