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How to Choose the Right Safety Cover for Your Inground Pool

There are many types of safety covers out there, so how do you know which one is right for your pool and which one will provide the most protection for your family? There are a few features of safety covers that you must consider before making a choice.

Consider Weight Capacity

Ultimately, a safety cover is about keeping people and animals out of your pool, so safety should be your first priority.

The cover must be strong enough to support a great deal of weight. Not just a child or adult’s weight, but it also needs to support your weight while you rush out onto the cover to grab your curious child who has found their way on top of it.

It would also be convenient if the cover could withstand larger loads, like heavy snowfall, or even impacts, like a deer running on it, or tree falling onto it. Accidents can happen, after all.

Pool Supplies Canada’s stock safety covers all have 4,000 lb burst strength, stronger than our competitors. Our safety covers are strong enough to handle your weight, your child’s weight, plus a heavy snowfall. Also, all our safety covers meet or exceed ATSM Safety Standards. You and your family and safe with our safety cover.

Note the Fit and Hardware

Quality is another consideration when purchasing a safety cover. Examine a potential safety cover based on its fit and the quality of its hardware, or the hooks and screws provided to secure it in place. A pool safety cover must fit exactly. Pool Supplies Canada offers over 14 different shapes in over 100 sizes, or we can make a custom pool safety cover to fit your pool, either by measurement or based on your old cover.

You should also pick a safety cover with secure hardware, ideally that you can install yourself, to save some money. Pool Supplies Canada includes everything you need to install your safety cover in concrete, and you can do it yourself. If you need a custom safety cover, your pool shape is probably unusual, and the safety cover may need extra support. With a custom order, Pool Supplies Canada includes free heavy-duty anchor springs, so your safety cover will be secure.

Look for Durability

Since exact fit is so important for a safety cover, you don’t want to have to replace it again anytime soon. That means you need a durable cover that will last. To avoid degrading over time, your pool safety cover should be UV ray resistant. Otherwise it won’t just fade, it could lose strength.

Your safety cover should also have a high weave count, not just for its own durability, but for the durability of your pool itself. The more weave, the more shade the cover offers your pool, which directly reduces the growth of algae and protects your pool. Pool Supplies Canada’s lowest shading safety cover is 95 percent and we have safety covers with 100 percent ratings.

Ask: Is it an Eye Sore?

Beauty is the last key to choosing the right safety cover for your pool. Winters are long in Canada, so you and your guests are going to be looking at the cover for a long time. Make it a nice colour and texture that adds to the look of your yard and home. The last thing you want is a safety cover that is an eye sore. Pool Supplies Canada offers safety covers in four gorgeous colours made to complement outdoor entertaining spaces.

If the best cover for your needs is safe, secure, durable, and beautiful, then one of Pool Supplies Canada’s stock safety pool covers is right for you. Contact us to get your cover replaced today!

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