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How to Install a Solar Reel Attachment Kit

Owning and maintaining a pool can be expensive enough as it is, don’t waste your money hiring someone to install your solar reel – do it yourself instead! Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to install a solar reel to almost any pool.

Find the Right Kit

First thing is first, buy a solar reel attachment kit. There is no point in spending money to buy a top of the line solar cover only to try and skimp on the solar reel. Don’t jerry-rig some contraption yourself. Use a tried and true kit, purposely built for your solar reel.

An improperly installed solar reel can impact the effectiveness of your solar cover. If the reel sags then that may reduce its effectiveness, and could even cause your cover to rip or tear.

Bigger May Be Better

Please note that if your solar cover is heavier than 8-mil, we recommend that your solar reel system be purchased with a tube size larger than needed to prevent sagging.

What is included in a Solar Reel Attachment Kit?

The contents of your solar reel attachment kit may vary, but at the very least should include:

In addition to the solar reel attachment kit, you may also need the following tools:

Install Your Solar Reel Attachment in Six Easy Steps

Step 1: Preparation

Once you have your solar reel attachment kit and your tools, review the instructions that come with your kit, and count out the parts to make sure that nothing is missing. There is nothing worse than starting a job only to realize halfway through that you are missing some vital piece. If you find you are missing a piece from your kit call the customer service experts at Pool Supplies Canada immediately.

Step 2: Setup

Lay the solar blanket down on a safe, smooth surface where it can be spread out without suffering any scrapes or tears. Make sure nothing sharp or jagged is near the area where you’re working – sharp items can damage your solar blanket.

Next, decide where you want your straps to attach. They can be attached in the middle or at the end depending on where your reel is located. Then place your straps down on the cover with an even distance between each for proper placement.

Step 3: Attach the Clips

Place your round clip underneath the solar cover. Then pierce the cover using your scissors or utility knife, allowing for the small, round clip to come through the other side.

Step 4: Attach the Fasteners

Take each fastener and attach it to each clip.

Step 5: Attach the Strap

Thread the strap through the horizontal threads.

Step 6: Attach the Strap to the Roller

Use the clip and self-taping screw to fasten the end of your strap to the solar reel tube.

Where Do You Keep Your Solar Reel?

Attaching your solar reel blanket to your reel is a critical step to ensure your blanket is well cared for. But remember to find the right spot for the reel – somewhere close by but also out of the way so it doesn’t pose a tripping hazard for swimmers and anyone lounging on your pool deck.

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