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How to Pick the Right Umbrella for Your Yard

Having proper sun protection is one of the best ways to maximize the use of your outdoor space. Not only is having a beautiful patio umbrella a way to beat the heat, but it also adds style to the look of your backyard.

With so many options available, deciding which patio umbrella will be the perfect fit for your backyard oasis can be tricky. We'll break down some key factors to consider when purchasing a new patio umbrella.

Understand Your Space

Taking time to consider the size and layout of your outdoor space will make choosing the best umbrella a breeze. When you look at your yard, a few elements may stand out!

Seating Under Your Umbrella

Seating is crucial to your backyard paradise! You'll want to make sure that everyone under the umbrella gets enough shade to focus on having fun.

You'll want the umbrella to be wider than the patio table! Having an umbrella a few feet wider than your table will allow everyone to enjoy the shade.

If you are using your umbrella over lounge chairs, choose an umbrella that will allow you to keep the chairs as close or far apart as you prefer.


The materials of your umbrella will contribute to the look of your backyard. The colour of the umbrella and the metal or plastic components will help you achieve your aesthetic goal for your space.

Weather will also impact which material is the best fit for your home. If you get high winds and lots of storms, consider a material with some bend. Metals (like aluminum) are sturdy, but severe weather can damage them.

Materials will also contribute to the weight of your umbrella. Choose one that you can easily move out of harsh weather conditions.

Types of Patio Umbrella

There are a few different types of patio umbrellas available. We'll break down three popular styles and what outdoor space they suit best.

Classic Patio Table Umbrellas

Classic patio table umbrellas will fit perfectly inside your patio table. They're perfect for getting the kids outside for dinner or having friends over for drinks. They're all about gathering together to make fantastic Summer memories!

These patio umbrellas are the most popular for their ease of use and tend to be a more affordable option. You can make the most of your seating area while keeping shade from taking up too much of your patio.

We carry 9ft square table umbrellas with automatic and manual tilt functions.

Here's our favourite auto-tilting umbrella so you can avoid the sun with ease!

Check out a great manual tilt umbrella umbrella.

Hanging Umbrellas

Hanging umbrellas (also called cantilever umbrellas) are excellent for busy patios. You can keep patio tables, sofas and loungers out of the sun without adding extra clutter.

Hanging umbrellas add luxury to your yard. You can rearrange your patio however you please and put your cantilever umbrella in the perfect place!

We carry hanging umbrellas in multiple sizes and shapes.

Square: 9ft, 11.5ft.

Rectangle: 9ft by 13ft.

Octagon: 9ft, 10ft.

Explore our hanging umbrellas!

Shade Sail Umbrellas

Shade sails add a lovely canopy to your yard that keeps you out of the harmful UV rays. Shade sails don't have poles at all and won't take up any additional patio space. They tend to be durable and endure rain and wind when properly installed.

Shade sails require proper installation and maintenance, but the payoff is a yard with extra space for you and your family.

We carry shade 5t triangular shade sails.

Explore our shade sails.

More Info from Pool Supplies Canada

We'll review some extra information that will keep the good times coming!

Dealing with rain: If you have an umbrella with a pole, you'll want to bring it somewhere dry before it rains. If your umbrella does get caught in the rain, make sure to allow it to dry correctly by opening it once the rain has ended.

Winterization: In the Winter, make sure to keep the umbrella somewhere inside. If it has a case, put the umbrella in it. If you need to use patio furniture cleaner to wipe down the umbrella, do so before you store it and once more before putting it back up.

Choosing the Correct Base: Bases can vary by weight, and you can often put more sand in a base to make it even heavier. A base that will secure a large umbrella is essential if you go for an oversized design.

When purchasing an umbrella base, consider:

Decor and Accessories: To curate the ultimate luxe Summertime paradise, you'll need your favourite music and a cozy ambiance! Our Luna Umbrella Lights with Bluetooth Speakers will help you keep relaxing.

Enjoy Your Backyard with Pool Supplies Canada

Find all the patio umbrellas to create your perfect backyard getaway in one place at Pool Supplies Canada. With a wide selection of patio furniture and decor, the tropics have never been so close to home!

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