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How to Treat and Prevent Algae in Your Pool

Green pools are often caused by algae growth in the water. This could take on the form of patches of green, yellow or black substance that fluffs into the water when touched or stirred. The water may have discolouration, usually green. Click here to purchase a Total Algae Destruction Pool Chemical Kit and then proceed to follow the instructions below to remove the algae from your pool.

**All dead organic matter must be MANUALLY VACUUMED on waste/drain prior to treatment! DO NOT use your automatic vacuum! **

Part 1 - Preparing your Pool:

  1. Shut off the pump, remove your solar blanket from pool and keep it off.
  2. Remove large organic debris from the bottom of the pool with deep leaf skimmer net.
  3. Brush down the walls and the floor of the pool. Be sure to brush areas on and around steps, ladders and corners very well.
  4. Allow some time for debris to settle, then turn dial on filter to waste/drain and then using a MANUAL VACUUM ONLY, remove the debris from the bottom of the pool.
  5. Ensure your hose is in the pool and running to top up the pool with new water while backwashing.
  6. If you have a timer on your pump, turn it off, and then begin circulating your pool for 24 hours a day until it is clear.

Part 2 - Clearing the Pool of Algae:

  1. Run a water test using a water test kit.
  2. Perform the recommended balancing treatment based on your test results.
  3. Add 1 bag of HTH Super Shock per 50,000 L of water according to the instructions on the product packaging. The water, most likely, will not change colour after your shock treatment. If there is a change in colour, you will probably notice the water has turned a darker shade of green. Wait 12+ hours before moving to the next step, ensuring your water is continuously circulating.
  4. Add 100ml of Pool Supplies Canada Algae 40 per 10,000 L of water according to the instructions on the product packaging. Be sure you keep your pool circulating and your solar blanket and heater off. Do not move to the next step until the algae has been destroyed. The pool water will most likely have taken on a cloudy/white look once the algae has been killed.
  5. Once the algae has been killed and there is no green tinge left in the pool, add 1 full bottle of Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid according to the instructions on the product packaging.
  6. 48 hours after Pool First Aid has been added, be sure to chemically clean your filter.
  7. Test your water to confirm the amount of Natural Chemistry PhosFree you will need to add to your pool. Removing phosphates from your pool water will ensure that the algae bloom will not reoccur.

Always ensure your pump and filter system runs continuously during all treatments. Keep in mind that, depending on the amount of algae and debris in the pool water, you may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 if there is still algae present 48 hours after you did the initial treatment.

Every pool should be treated weekly with the Pool Supplies Canada Algae Free Guarantee Program to maintain sparkling, algae free water.

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