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How to Weigh Down Your Pool Steps

Not all pools come with steps, particularly above ground pools. Adding steps is a great way to avoid injuries, make you pool more accessible, and avoid awkward entrances and exits. Best of all, you can add steps to your pool yourself in a fast, simple and affordable process. Just follow these simple steps - no pun intended!

Step 1: Choose the Right Steps and Assemble the Right Materials

Pool Supplies Canada has a wide range of steps available for purchase. Make sure that you know your pool dimensions before speaking to one of our experts so that we can help you find the right steps for your pool.

Buying the right steps is just the first part of the job. Your steps must be properly weighed down in your pool in order to optimize the life span of the steps and to provide the safest conditions.

Without weighing them down, your steps could prove to be more of a hindrance than a help, especially if they cause someone to slip on their way out of the pool. In addition to buying the steps themselves, remember to buy a sufficient amount of sand to hold the steps in place. You’ll also want to invest in buying or making a funnel to direct the sand into the steps.

Step 2: Locate the Sand Hole

Since each type of step is different, you will first want to identify where the hole is located on your steps - sometimes the hole will be located on the steps themselves, other times the hole will be along the side rails. There may be one, two, three, or more holes depending on the type of step that you purchase. You will be pouring your sand into this hole (or holes).

Step 3: Pour the Sand

Use your funnel to direct the required amount of sand through the opening into the step, filling the holes until you reach the top. Don’t fill the steps in or near the pool as this can cause sand to enter the pool. You will find it is very difficult to clean sand out of your pool. Instead, fill the steps close by and move them to the pool once you’re done.

Step 4: Cover the Holes

Close the holes with the caps that should be provided with your stairs. Once you are certain that the holes are closed and watertight place the stairs in the pool. If the steps float then you will have to add more sand.

If the sand refuses to settle evenly or fill the steps completely, then you may need to drill additional holes in places that the sand didn’t reach. Then fill these new holes with sand and make sure that they are covered thoroughly and are water tight before placing your stairs back in the pool. This should only be done as a last resort, and preferably after consulting a professional.

Remember: Keep the Steps Clean

Once your steps are in your pool they will collect algae and dirt just like any other pool accessory. Remember to adjust the steps regularly so that you can clean them properly.

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