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How To Winterize A Pool Heater

The joy of having a pool heater is enjoying a swim even as the days start to turn a bit colder. But eventually you will have to close up for winter. Give your heater some special consideration while you winterize your pool. Improperly winterizing your heater can lead to damages. But, with proper care some heaters will last for a decade or more. Follow these tips and you can help keep your pool heater in optimal condition.

Protecting Your Pool Heater During Light Freezes

With Canada’s unpredictable weather we bet you have closed your pool before, only to have perfect swimming weather within the next few days. While this may be frustrating, it’s worth the risk - you need to be careful not to freeze your pipes by waiting too long to close your pool, even if you have a pool heater.

Winterizing Your Heater

When it comes time to close your pool, make sure you take the time to properly winterize your pool heater with these simple steps:

At the end of the day, winterizing your pool heater is a simple yet essential process. It must be attended to meticulously so your pool equipment remains in good condition and lasts as long as intended to!

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