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How to Winterize a Pool Pump and Filter

Taking care of your pool pump and filter is important because they keep your pool water clean, comfortable and sanitary. Without your pump and filter you wouldn’t want to swim in your pool! Your pump circulates water around your pool so that chemicals are evenly distributed and the pool is properly heated. The filter helps remove debris from your pool and together your pump and filter helps stop algae and bacteria growth.

Preparing your pump and filter from the harshness of winter protects them from damage and optimizes their performance. And when it comes to the sanitation of your pool, and by extension the health of you and your family, putting in a little effort is worth it. Here’s how to best take care of your pump and filter.

Protect Against Freezing

When water freezes it expands. That expansion splits garden hoses and breaks up highways. So your goal in winterizing your pump and filter is to protect them against the damage that freezing water can cause. Even pool owners in warmer climates, like the southern US, have needed to repair or replace pumps due to freezing.

Remove the Water in your Pool Pump and Filters

Step 1: If you have a heater turn it off. This allows the water to cool down. Neglecting to do this can cause damage to your heater. Water sits in the heat exchanger and grows hotter and hotter. Hot enough to bend and soften your heater’s pipes. So your heater should be off for fifteen to twenty minutes before you start to winterize the pump.

Step 2: Turn off the power to your pump.

Step 3: Disconnect your pump and filter.

Step 4: Make sure the water has drained out of the pump. To be extra sure you can hold it upside down to remove excess water.

Step 5: Remove the drain cap from the underside of your filter. Be sure the water is flowing freely from it. Allow it to drain overnight. Put the cap in a safe place (that you can find in spring) and do not replace it.

Step 6: Remove the drain plugs from your pump. Again put your drain plugs aside, in a safe place, you won’t need them until next year.

Step 7: Turn the pump on for one or two seconds. One or two seconds will get rid of excess water. Any longer risks damages.

Step 8: Blow out the pipes. Unscrew and loosen any quickly disconnected fittings. Use a wet-dry shop vacuum or an air compressor to blow out the pipes and remove all water.

Caring for you pump and filter and prepping them for winter extends the life of your equipment. Good maintenance means that your equipment will operate more efficiently, and that means you will save on repairs, replacement and energy costs. More importantly, since your pump and filter stops algae and bacteria growth, it ensures the health of your family. So take some time this fall to properly winterize your pump and filter.

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