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Carvin 22.5 inch Laser Series Sand Filter

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Product Name:
Carvin 22.5 Inch Laser Series Sand Filter
Product Code:
Filter Diameter:
22.5 Inches
Connection Size:
1.5 Inches
Sand Required *:
250 lbs
2 Year(s)
Replacement Parts

* Important: Filter sand is not included with this product.

Blow-molded, heat, corrosion and UV resistant filter, capable of handling high levels of pressure. The Laser filter is equipped with a 6-position dial valve which has a unique Upper Distribution System engineered to direct water evenly across the entire surface of the sand without sand migration or channeling. Also fitted with every Laser is a non-corrosive resin clamp, heavy duty, freeze resistant hub, and a patented Underdrain with “side slotted” laterals which draw water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed. This allows for longer cycles, better filtration, and more efficient backwashing.

Please Note: Laser Series filter head is not as it appears in the main image; please click the 2nd image thumbnail to see the new style of filter head shipped with our filters.

  • Require 250 lbs of Sand
  • 2" port

Product Warranty: 2 Year Manufacture Warranty

Filter Information

  • 22.5 Inch

Owners Manual (English) (jacuzzi_pump_filter_laser_sand_owners_manual.pdf, 1,608 Kb) [Download]

Jacuzzi Warranty Information (Jaccuzi_Warranty.pdf, 103 Kb) [Download]

I'd give this 10 stars if I could. Compared to the troublesome Hayward filters I've had, it's way better designed and manufactured. The standpipe is twice as heavy and the design of the laterals is smarter, heavier quality and easy to assemble. Most importantly it cannot leak at those connections as the hinging laterals do on the Haywards over time. Where the control head slides onto the standpipe they've addressed an issue that is another Hayward weakness where the standpipe assembly raises up over time in the sand choking off the water flow into the head. This can't happen on this Jacuzzi filter because there is a stop molded into where the standpipe fits. My pool water was cleared in less than a day with this new filter and it sure looks like it will last a long time. I vacuumed a lot of silt after the winter that passed through my safety cover. Normally I would have vacuumed it directly to waste but I wanted to see how effective this new Jacuzzi filter was. My pressure gauge only increased by 1 pound and the water going into the pool was still perfectly clear! With my old Hayward filter the water going back into the pool would have been a huge plume of brown water, the same as what went up the vacuum into the filter. I actually saved a lot of pool water that would have been wasted. The only con is that the connections to the filter are in different locations compared to the 21" Haywards I've had so the waste line and the return to pool line had to be re-plumbed to suit the new filter. A bit of work but well worth it.
Not a bad sand filter at all. Got it set up simple enough and the price was right!
easy to install and running no problem.
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