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Liner Lock Bead Wedge 120 Ft

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Liner Lock Bead Wedge Used to help Secure Inground Beaded liners and Lock in Vinyl Winter Covers

Liners and Vinyl Winter Covers can sometimes Fall out of the Track for various reasons. These include improper fit of the liner, corner stress, liner shrinkage, stressed or expanded liner tracks, water behind the liner, etc.

Liner Lock is a simple and effective product to help prevent this occurrence and .secure the liner bead into the track. Liner Wedge Lock is also known as Tlock, Bead Retainer, Tbead or bead lock. Liner Lock is pressed directly into the track into the thin void directly above the bead and prevents the bead from coming out of the liner track. Easy to Install and works with most Beaded Liner types.

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