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Mystery Gold 12 ft 8 inch Round Aqua Leader Spec Beaded Liner 52 inch

Mystery Gold 12 ft 8 inch Round Aqua Leader Spec Beaded Liner 52 inch

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Detailed Product Description

This liner is for 2007 and earlier Aqua Leader Spec pools with a perimeter of 39 feet 9 inches. Actual liner size is 12 feet 8 inches.

Standard Bead Liner Description

Standard bead liners (also known as Snap Bead) are installed using bead retainer coping which hangs directly on the pool wall and receives the liner bead. The liner tucks/snaps into place on the large lip of the coping and is fed all the way around the pool. The coping is then secured into place when the Stabilizer track/tubing is placed on top of it.

Liners are designed to “Standard Specification“ which will fit to the true size stated in the description. Be certain to measure your pools dimensions properly to ensure a proper fit. Tip: Measure from wall to wall for proper length, width and height.

Liner Qualities and Highlights

  • The high temperature curing, computer controlled process ensures 100% of the material is “Vulcanized” to the highest tolerances.
  • High Pressure Heat Bonding, computer balanced combination of high pressure and exact temperatures insure a permanent bond
  • Lap welded seams, unlike butt-welded seams; reduce both lateral and vertical tension.
  • Vacuum sealing, high volume air pumps combined with electronic air filter remove all impurities before bonding
  • The most technically advanced radio frequency (R.F.) vinyl welding reduces the chance of cold spots in seaming process
  • Quality control inspectors, inspect every liner during the welding process
  • Above Ground Liners also come with an 10 Year Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty - * On Seams Only.
PLEASE NOTE: Liners also come with a “DO NOT DIVE” sticker that MUST be placed 2 inches above the water level - It is imperative that this sticker is visible to all swimmers.
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Mystery Gold 12 ft 8 inch Round Aqua Leader Spec Beaded Liner 52 inch $189.99
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