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Nature2 Spa Clarifier

Nature2 Spa Clarifier

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Product Information

Nature2 Spa uses patented mineral-bed technology. Its innovative process significantly improves the look, feel and smell of your spa water. Managing your spa is easier than ever. Nature2 Spa slips into your spa filter and lasts up to four months.


  • Simply drops right into your filter
  • Works with your existing filtration system
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Leaves water softer and clearer

Product Specifications

  • Available for spas: Up to 500 gals
  • Works with all spa flow rates
  • Cartridge lasts 4 months

*MPS - Potassium peroxymonosulfate (also known as MPS, potassium monopersulfate, and the trade names Caroat and Oxone)

Nature 2 Spa Clairifier MANUAL (Nature_2_Spa_Clairifier_MANUAL.pdf, 109 Kb) [Download]

These Nature 2 spa clarifiers are amazing - had major issues with chlorine pucks and crappy water quality - was sick of chemicals with 4 kids so i tried this stick. Blown away, completely eliminated pucks, shocked the tub when we were done and the stick took over. crystal clear water for the entire season! no smell no fuss! hard to find in canada though!
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