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Pool Opening Equipment Instructions

For Tarp and Vinyl Covers

1) Remove Debris and Water From the Cover

  1. Using a pool leaf rake, not a shallow leaf skimmer, remove debris from the top of the pool cover as possible.
  2. After the debris has been removed, brush the cover down while there is still water on it. The use of a cover cleaner is recommended.
  3. Begin to drain the water off of the cover by siphoning with your vac hose or by using a submersible pump. The last few bits of water will have to be bailed off with a bucket.

2) Remove and Store Winter Cover

  1. Once any securing devices such as water bags, snap-in beading, winches, or cables have been removed, you can remove the cover by grabbing hold of the material and pulling 4 feet at a time onto the deck and folding it in an accordion style.
  2. Repeat the process of folding the cover “accordion style” until the entire cover has been piled on the deck or ground. Store the cover once dry.
  3. Note: Vinyl covers must be stored in a water filled container over the summer. Add an ounce of liquid algaecide (40%) to the water to prevent algae growth. It is recommended that the water in the barrel be changed every six weeks.

3) Clean and Prepare the Pool

  1. Remove the plugs and/or foam rope from the returns and re-install the directional fittings.
  2. Empty the physical Closing materials from the skimmer (gizmo or extra bottles) and place skimmer basket back in its place.
  3. Put plugs back into pump and filter. Reattach the pressure gauge and sight glass to the filter. Reattach pressure switch to heater and reinstall plugs in header. Reattach the salt system if applicable. Reinstall Nature II plugs if applicable.
  4. Using a vinyl pool cleaner (Tile and Liner Cleaner) scrub the waterline, coping, and skimmer parts. Do this with a soft sponge or brush.
    Note: DO NOT use household cleaners as they contain phosphates and/or other chemicals not compatible with pool water chemistry
  5. Raise the water level in the pool to ¾ of the way up to the skimmer.

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