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by Dion Rodrigues

A pool safety cover is a solid vinyl or mesh cover that is pulled tightly across your in-ground pool. Secured using anchors which are installed around the perimeter of your pool, a safety cover provides a custom fit that is simply not possible with a regular winter cover.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Safety for your family

The number one reason to own a pool safety cover is, of course, safety. The mesh or vinyl material is pulled tightly across the pool like a trampoline, which allows it to hold a significant amount of weight, meeting ATSM International Standards. Although no one should ever walk on a pool safety cover, in an emergency situation they can hold the weight of an adult, child or family pet.

If you have children, pets, or wildlife around then a safety cover is a must. A regular winter cover will not hold the weight of a child or animal who inadvertently walks or falls onto it, but a safety cover will protect your family and pets from falling into your pool and drowning. For this reason, every pool owner should have one. If you have a regular winter cover then you'll have water bags around your pool to hold the cover in place. These bags become tripping hazards, especially if you're walking at night across your pool deck to get to your hot tub. With a safety cover the anchors holding it in place are flush with your deck or patio stone so there is no need to worry about tripping or falling into your pool.

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Safety isn't the only benefit. 9 more reasons to install a pool safety cover:

  • - During winter you never have to worry about what a major winter storm will do to your pool cover because a safety cover can manage the weight of heavy snowfalls
  • - Leaves and debris stay dry on top of the cover and can be blown off using a leaf blower, which means there's no mess to clean up in spring
  • - Some mesh and vinyl designs reduce algae growth by blocking out the sun, resulting in a cleaner pool needing less chemicals
  • - You'll lose less water over the winter months, significant cost savings if you're paying for water
  • - Regular winter covers host stagnant water on top — an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not so with a mesh safety cover which allows rain and melting snow to drain through
  • - A winter cover is made from durable, UV resistant material which is easy to clean —simply hose it down and brush the dirt off
  • - Storage is easy because it folds up quickly and uses less space
  • - You don't need to waste time filling and placing water bags
  • - Safety covers are more durable than a regular winter cover and come with 10 - 20 year warranties

Safety covers are virtually maintenance free, making the process of opening and closing your pool easier and faster. If you're hesitant to get one because of the cost, don't be. You'll save time and money in the long run. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing your pool is safe for your family during the winter months.

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