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15 ft Round Elastic Winter Mesh Cover System

Elastic Winter Mesh Covers

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Detailed Product Description

The revolutionary elastic mesh Winter cover system includes both a set of elastic cords as well as a Winter mesh cover. The elastic cords stretch across the pool, holding the cover in place on the surface. As leaves and debris land on the cover during the Fall, your cover will slowly drop down to the water level. Once Spring arrives, the elastics will pull the cover back to the top, making it easy and quick to clean and remove the cover and open your pool!

The elastic system is easy to install, keeps leaves and debris out, and makes Spring pool opening easy - it's obvious why it is the perfect option for your above ground or inground pool!


  • Included Winter cover is black in colour for more shade
  • Elastic mesh cover system replaces air pillows
  • Elastic mesh cover is easy to install and eliminates leaves from the pool
  • The use of the elastic system with Winter cover prevents stagnant water from forming on top of cover, which means no larvae or mosquitoes!

Note: elastics are not recommended for use with other makes/models of Winter covers.

IMPORTANT SNOW BUILD-UP NOTICE: It is important to never let snow pile up more than one foot above the upper rim. Remember that your pool is designed to withstand lateral pressure caused by the weight of the water, not vertical pressure caused by the weight of snow.

Customer Reviews

I love it . It was easy enough to install. I would have given 5 stars if it was not so big . I ordered a 21’ round cover but instead they sent 21-24’ !!! Anyway just installed it, let’s see if stands the winter.

- Review by Nili W on September 14, 2022

I’ve just installed it so I can’t comment on longevity, but a word of advice. I pre-installed the hooks onto the elastic cords, and in trying to figure out how best to install them it flew off and put a 5” hole in my liner near the top rim (honestly it hit the worst spot possible where it was dry and away from the wall.) It was easy besides that to put on, but I would ensure you have 2 people on either side and carefully install the hooks to make sure they don’t come off the steel cable.

- Review by Adam on October 4, 2022

Sick of dealing with all these heavy duty covers, the stress they all put on the pool when covered with ice, puddling water ect, this thing actually worked! I live near the Guelph area, we got got a decent amount of snow last winter and to my surprise the water was very clear in the spring, allows you to keep water level high when using the skimmer plug, super light to deal with. only thing you have to make sure the bands that run across the pool are stretch alot. Best system I have ever used.

- Review by David C on September 10, 2023

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