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The award-winning PoolSkim connects to your inlet return fitting and uses the power of the water returning to the pool to create a venturi suction that draws all floating debris from the entire area of your pool - even where debris collects in dead spots.

Leaves, insects, grass clippings, hair, pollen and even dust are drawn to the PoolSkim like a magnet and collected in a sturdy nylon mesh clip-on bag.

The patented design of the PoolSkim sets it apart from most automatic pool skimmers in debris removal and durability. The PoolSkim effectively removes debris from all areas of any size pool, while improving circulation. Constructed of high-quality polyurethane and PVC pipe connectors, the PoolSkim will last season after season.

Product Includes a 30 Day Warranty (click for details)

We've used this for one full season and can't believe the difference. We have a lot of trees around and we were always worried about the pump burning out because the filter would get clogged. With the big sock that gathers the debris we never have to worry about that. We vacuum when we open the pool and when we close, that's it because almost nothing makes it to the ground now. My husband was worried about the circulation with this but we had no problems with our pool chemistry. I was nervous to spend the money thinking it was a gimmick but if you have a fair amount of leaves falling into your pool this is worth it.
Have had skimmer for 3 months Great product!! With this thing I hardly have to use my pool cleaner.
While the Pool Skim is a little pricey for what is really a few pieces of plastic and some pipe connectors, it is the best investment I have made in pool maintenance in 14 years. This ultra simple gadget does the job and does it very well. Experimenting with the water circulation pattern in the pool has also made the installed skimmer actually suck in debris efficiently which it never did before, so there are now two devices taking debris from the surface. Even better as the Pool Skim attaches to the return (incoming)jet, it is saving work associated with cleaning the pump basket and filter, and it keeps working while the vacuum is plugged in to the skimmer inlet. We have a lot of trees around our pool and this device solves the problem of continuous debris in the pool. Buy it! This simple device is a must if you have issues with leaves, bugs, pollen etc. floating in your pool!
Have had one for 6 weeks and just love it ! Works three times better than my main skimmer. It works when my suction cleaner is using the skimmer intake, pool is very clean. It takes 30 seconds to remove if you want it out. A little pricey but I Love it. Would buy this again.
This is a great, little product that helps keep my pool clean and it is very inexpensive.
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