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Regular Gizzmo 1.5 inch for Inground Pools Only

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Regular Gizzmo 1 1/2"

This is the Original GIZZMO. It is designed to absorb the expansion of winter freeze-up in swimming pool skimmers. The Regular GIZZMO is 9 inches long and installs in short skimmers found on in-ground swimming pools. The Regular GIZZMO has 1 1/2 inch threads and features a generous bar style grip for easy handling. For a professional fit, the GIZZMO can be used with teflon tape. Teflon tape is a very thin white tape used to wrap the threaded ends of pipes to improve the watertightness of a joint. The GIZZMO is designed for single season use. Please remember to recycle this product.

How to use the Gizzmo:

  • Lower the water level
  • Blow out lines
  • Screw Gizzmo into Skimmer
affordable price for a very useful product. I used last winter and had no issues with freeze build up
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