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River Stone 15 ft Round Beaded Liner 52 inch Standard Specifications

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Universal Bead liners (Also known as UNIBead, EZ Bead, or Duo Bead) are equipped with the beading style which will accommodate a Standard Bead application and/or a U/J Bead application. Essentially if you are unsure of your current "Bead" type, it is safe to purchase this Universal Bead application as it will work on your pool regardless.

If your above ground swimming pool liner resembles an upside down letter ‘U’ or ‘J’ then you have a U/J bead type liner application and this Universal Bead will work for you.

Standard bead liners (also known as snap bead) are installed using bead retainer coping which hangs directly on the pool wall and receives the liner bead. The liner tucks/snaps into place on the large lip of the coping and is fed all the way around the pool. The coping is then secured into place when the stabilizer tube/tracking is placed on top of it. The Universal Bead Application will work for you with you have this type liner.

Liners are designed to “Standard Specification” which will fit to the true size stated in the description. Be certain to measure your pools dimensions properly to ensure a proper fit. Tip: Measure from wall to wall for proper length, width and height.

Aboveground Pool Liner Measuring Guide (Measuring_Your Above_Ground_Swimming_Pool.pdf, 131 Kb) [Download]

Universal Bead Liner Installation (Universal-Liner-Installation-2015.pdf, 768 Kb) [Download]

Universal Liner Installation (Francais) (Unibead_Liner_Installation_(Francais).pdf, 308 Kb) [Download]

Guide de Mesure pour les Piscines Hors Terre (Aboveground_Pool_Liner_Measuring_Guide_(Francais).pdf, 70 Kb) [Download]

Warranty (Above_Ground_Liner_Warranty.pdf, 2,220 Kb) [Download]

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