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Selecting a Proper Pool Chlorinator

Caring for your pool properly is important but the number of tasks and choices to make can sometimes be overwhelming. One aspect of caring for your pool includes selecting the proper chlorinator. To make this decision, you will have to ask yourself many questions about:

  • The size of your pool
  • The number of tablets the chlorinator will require
  • Any adjustments that will need to be made to your existing plumbing

To help ease the stress of this decision, this guide will provide you will all the necessary information you need to make an informed choice.

1) Determine your pool type

The first step is quite simple, determine what type of pool you have. Some chlorinators differ for above ground or inground pools so you will need to keep this in mind.

2) Calculate pool size

The next step requires a little bit more effort. In order to determine which chlorinator is right for your pool, you will be required to calculate how many gallons your pool holds.

The answer to this question will directly determine whether a small chlorinator will be sufficient or whether you will require a larger model.

An incorrect size of chlorinator in you pool can lead to unsafe levels in your pool water. We offer a fantastic volume chart on our website to help you quickly determine the number of gallons your swimming pool holds.

To use this calculator, you will need to take the lengths, width and depth measurements as well as determine the shape category that your pool falls under.

3) Consider your space

Many of the steps involved in determining which pool chlorinator is right for you entail examining and surveying your pool to gather all of the necessary information for the decision.

Another factor that must be considered is whether you will want a chlorinator that is inline or offline. Basically, this means that you will need to decide if there is room to put the chlorinator together with your other pool equipment. If not, you may need to use a bypass line to connect your chlorinator to the plumbing.

4) Choose a quality brand

The brand of pool chlorinator can have significant effects on its quality and on the availability of parts in the case that it requires repairs. Often, choosing a brand that is well known, even if it is more expensive, will lead to greater success with the product for years to come.

When considering your options, also inquire about the warranty attached to the product to give yourself additional peace of mind that your pool will be taken care of. One of the top brands we offer at Pool Supplies Canada are our Hayward pool chlorinators. With both off-line and in-line models, Hayward offers a variety of sizes and models to meet all your pool needs.

5) Double-check

There is nothing worse than taking all of this time to select the proper pool chlorinator and then finding out you overlooked a small but important point. Pay close attention to the specification information that accompanies each chlorinator to ensure that you are not missing a detail as simple as whether the chlorinator is compatible with an above ground or inground pool.

Make sure you have done your size calculations properly so that your chlorinator is large enough to support your chlorination needs.

Finally, ensure that you have any extra parts needed for installation so that you are not caught off guard when you begin to install the chlorinator.

If you are having trouble with the decision, contact the expert team at Pool Supplies Canada for professional assistance.

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