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Solar Cover Quick Draining Grommet System (Pack of 6)

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The solar cover quick draining grommet system is the solution for preventing water hassle with your solar blanket! This simple solution allows water that has gathered on your solar cover to exit back into the pool while you roll up your cover.

Small holes, protected by heavy-duty grommets located throughout the solar cover, create a pathway for water on top of the cover to return to the pool, ensuring effortless cover removal. These grommets make the solar cover lighter and easy to use, and will add years to the life expectancy of your solar cover. Since the extra weight on top of the cover will be eliminated, the cover will be easier to reel up, reducing stress and wear and tear!

Each pack includes 6 grommets, designed to fit all solar cover sizes.

Solar Cover Quick Draining Grommets Installation Manual (GrommetDrainsManual.pdf, 842 Kb) [Download]

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