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Solar Cover Warranty

Pool Supplies Canada offers two styles of solar covers by Toile Soleil. These top of the line, durable covers are manufactured in Canada to the highest industry standards. They are designed to efficiently produce and maintain the heat in your swimming pool year after year. With regular care and proper storage your solar cover will provide you with energy and money savings for years.

Toile Soleil are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a limited warranty on all of their solar covers. This limited warranty covers manufacturer defects only, meaning with proper care your solar cover should last for years.

What qualifies as a manufacturer defect?

In this case the only thing that would qualify as a manufacturer defect is a seam separation. A seam separation is a failure in the welding of the seams on a solar cover. Such a defect may cause the solar cover to separate at the seam under normal conditions. This is a strict definition upheld by the manufacturer and is the only factor considered in their warranty policy. A rip or tear along the seam does not qualify unless it was the result of insufficient welding, and occurred despite proper care, storage, and maintenance.

What isn’t under the warranty - and how to protect your solar cover from these situations

The following is a list of potential problems that the manufacturer does not cover under warranty, why they occur, and how to prevent them.

Air cells (bubbles) deteriorating and falling into the pool

Air cell deterioration is caused by improper storage or handling of the cover. To prevent damage to the air cells (bubbles), the cover should be carefully lifted over abrasive pool decks, coping or sharp, ragged surfaces.

Cover deterioration

Cover deterioration can be caused by prolonged sun exposure and chemical imbalances in you pool. Here’s how to protect your cover from these problems:

Protect your cover from the sun

To ensure your cover is protected we highly recommend using a white, opaque, polyethylene protector which can be found in every solar cover category on our website. This cover will block harmful UV rays from deteriorating your cover. Yes, it is a solar cover, and comes with greater UV protection than other products, but all plastic will deteriorate over time as a result of sun exposure. When not using your cover ensure that it is stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Remember, damage caused by exposure to the sun will not be covered under the warranty.

Chemical imbalance

Maintain chlorine at the proper level as recommended by your pool specialists. Balancing your pool is crucial to keeping swimmers safe and healthy, and extending the life of your equipment. Under-chlorination will allow bacteria and algae to build up which can cause illness and infection, make your pool fixtures slippery, and deteriorate metal and plastic. Over-chlorination will burn swimmers eyes, mouth, nose, and skin, and damage pool equipment.

Tip: When you "super chlorinate" your pool, the cover must be removed from the pool to avoid cover deterioration. Do not return the cover to your pool until the chlorine level has lowered and is in the ideal range.

Water Temperature

Prolonged and repeated exposure to water temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit may cause the cover material to weaken over time, and could shorten the life of your solar pool cover. Keep in mind that the temperature at the top of the pool near the cover may be warmer than in deeper water.

Warm water may also cause chlorine to react differently, as water evaporates the chlorine becomes more concentrated, and it may build up in higher quantities near the top of the pool. If pool temperatures rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit the cover should be removed and covered with the polyethylene protector, in a cool dry environment.

Tip: Many pool owners find it useful to run their filtration system during peak sunlight hours. Doing so will keep the water flowing underneath the cover. This means that the cover will heat the water more evenly, and prevent a layer of hot water above 90 degrees Fahrenheit from building up just beneath the cover.

Long term storage

Long term storage over the winter is important. It should go without saying that your solar cover is not a winter cover at all. They are designed for use in warmer temperatures, not the cold winter months. Snow, hail, and the debris that often lands on your pool during fall thunderstorms and winter flurries may irrevocably damage your cover.

Store your solar cover in a dry, cool, shaded place, preferably covered by a polyurethane cover for added protection. Before putting the cover away, leave it outside to dry as mildew may build up over the winter if it is stored wet.

Winter damage will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Keep it clean

Your solar cover relies on magnifying the sun’s rays, but if it is dirty then that sunlight may be blocked and your cover will be inefficient. Clearing dirt and debris is important because anything that is on your cover is liable to end up in your pool, and from there it may damage your pool lining or clog your filter. Sand, grit, and rocks stuck to your cover may also act like sandpaper when you unfurl, fold, or roll your cover. So keep it clean!

Buy a thick cover

There are many factors that can shorten the life of your pool cover over time. Nothing lasts forever, but if you want to make the most out of your solar cover then choosing a durable trusted brand like Toile Soleil is the right first step. To minimize the risk of tears, scratches, and general deterioration remember that the thicker the cover you purchase, the longer it should last.

Cover all the bases

Proper care will ensure that you get years of reliable heating from your solar cover, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that your cover is built to last – guaranteed!

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