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by Dion Rodrigues

Summer time is meant for happy times. One way to keep the happiness in your summer memories is by excercising prudent safety precautions in and around your pool area by having not only your safety rules and emergency plan in place but also the correct equipment on hand.


Safety equipment

• A light and strong pole not less than 12 feet (3.66m) long with blunt ends located in close proximity of the pool.

• A life ring preserver with a throwing rope attached to it.

• Emergency numbers near the pool and on the telephone nearest to the pool. (Police, fire and rescue unit, physician, ambulance, and hospital)


Pool owner safety rules

• Never dive or jump from the top rail of an Above Ground pool. Your pool is designed for swimming and wading, not jumping or diving.

• Do not walk, sit or stand up on the pool top rails of an Above Ground Pool.

• Never allow children to swim without supervision.

life ring

• Never swim alone.

• Always remove the pool ladder, or raise the safety ladder when an Above Ground pool is not in use.

• If you eat, wait at least one hour before you go swimming.

• Do not allow family pets in the pool.

• Do not allow any horseplay or roughness around the pool.

• Do not throw objects (e.g.: sticks, stones) into the pool.

• Keep all electrical appliances away from the pool.

• Keep all glass or metal objects away from the pool.

• To avoid the spread of bacteria or infection do not allow sick people in the pool.

• Do not swim when there are risks of lightning. Thunderstorms may endanger swimmers.

Unfortunately, many pool owners wait until an accident has occurred before setting guidelines. Establish your rules before the first person steps into the pool. If possible, make sure that everyone using the pool has some basic training in water safety and basic rescue methods. Some associations publish booklets about “basic rescue and water safety” that provides information on assisting a swimmer in difficulty, artificial respiration, first aid for swimmers, family water safety, and several other subjects. We strongly recommend you get one.

Keep the fun in summertime by remaining vigilant in your safety practices and procedures.

Happy summer, from all of us at Pool Supplies Canada!