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Tips and Tricks for Above Ground Pool Installation


It is possible to install your above ground pool yourself. With a little time and effort, you can save a lot of money. Once you’ve planned for and purchased your above ground pool package the next step is to actually install the pool. These tips and tricks will make for a smooth installation:

Gather Your Tools Before You Start

You should have the following tools on hand. Anything you don’t have you can borrow from a friend or rent from your local hardware store:

Check Your Pool Package to Ensure You Have All the Pieces

Check your pool package materials against the materials listed in the instructions to ensure you have all the pieces before you get started. Call Pool Supplies Canada immediately if you are missing anything.

After you have opened and counted the hardware packets to ensure you’re not missing anything organize and sort everything so you have it on hand. Don’t mix the different sizes of nuts or screws, or drop or lose any pieces.

The Ground Work

Ensure the Ground is Level and Prepare It for Construction

Part of proper pool planning includes choosing the area for your pool and obtaining the permits to install your pool. Once that has been completed the next step is to ensure the ground is level. This is a critical step to ensure your pool is structurally sound and safe.

To make sure your ground is level you can either:

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