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by Dion Rodrigues

The two speed pumps have been available on the market now for many years and they have become more popular over the last few years. Here are the reasons why there is a surge in the market for two speed pumps.

Save on electricity

During the grueling months of summer, some pool owners will run their pumps 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to ensure the water is filtered continuously to remain clean and clear. If you were to run a single speed pump continuously during those hot months of summer, it could become an expensive summer with high electrical bills.

Jandy 1.5 HP 2 Speed Flo Pro Inground Pump

For example, our friends at Campbell Pools in Ottawa did a test with a 1.5 HP 2 Speed Flo Pro Inground Pump. When you run it at at low speed, and it will result in a average decrease of 61% of power usage. The beauty is that the water flow will only decrease by half, which means you get much more water filtered per kilowatt/hour.

Note: Running the two speed pump on the low speed will not interfere with the chlorine generation of your salt system nor will it interfere with your heater. Although the water flow is less on the low speed, it is sufficient for the salt system and heater to work.

Save on Chemicals

The two speed pump gives the pool owner the ability to filter the water more often (24/7) during the hottest months, thus assuring that it stays clear of debris and sparkling clear. As a result, the pool owner will spend less money on chemicals like algaecide, chlorine and/or clarifier. Again, you will reap the rewards by having a cleaner pool and a bit of money left in your pocket.

Save on Water

Most pool owners living in towns and cities are on water meters and they get charged for their water consumption. By having the pool water circulate more often (24/7) during the hottest months with the two speed pump, the pool should remain clear of debris. The pool owner should also skim the water surface regularly to remove floating debris and clean out the skimmer and pump basket of its debris as well.

By having the water well chlorinated and circulating more often will also prevent algae growth. By maintaining clean water, this will cut down on the amounts of backwashes you will need to perform and eliminate vacuuming on drain/waste to remove debris. Of course the water level in your pool will go down because of evaporation and bather splashing but you do not need to add to this water loss by performing constant backwashing or vacuuming on drain/waste.

Once again the pool owner is saving money.

Save on Time

By having the pool water circulating more often to maximize filtration, the pool owner will save time and energy. Save time on vacuuming, backwashing, buying and adding chemicals. Have more time swimming and enjoying the pool instead of maintaining it. Of course pools are not maintenance free but if you can minimize the time needed to keep the water debris free and sparkling clear, the benefits will be felt by the pool owner and the whole family.

Two speed pumps are a great addition when purchasing a new pool or if you are replacing and old pump. The savings might not be extremely high but significant enough. Any money saved is money in your pocket.

Recap of Benefits of a Two Speed Pump:

  1. 1) Maximizing the two speed option during high or low electrical rates to save money.
  2. 2) 24 hour per day filtration keeps the pool cleaner by circulating and filtering the water constantly and you turnover the pool water almost twice as many times resulting in healthier water conditions.
  3. 3) Chemical needs and costs are reduced. Filtering the water constantly promotes cleaner water and mixes chemicals and temperature evenly throughout the pool.
  4. 4) Prevent unnecessary water loss by cutting down on backwashing and eliminate vacuuming on drain/waste to rid the pool of unwanted debris.
  5. 5) Maintaining the pool water clean and clear will leave more time for the pool owner and the family to enjoy swimming.

- Article Courtesy of Jason Campbell, Campbell Pools