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Life Spa Water Wand Cartridge Filter Cleaner

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The Life Spa wand cartridge filter cleaner is the world's first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner system that makes cartridge cleaning quick and easy. This unique, patent pending device drastically reduces the time, effort and mess involved in cleaning cartridges. Eight fingers and eight, 180 degree fan nozzles open and clean multiple pleats at the same time with no splash back. Simply connect the wand cleaner to your standard garden hose, press the handy on/off switch, and start cleaning!

Please Note: If your Life Spa wand cleaner is leaking, please refer to the owner's manual for assistance by clicking this link.

Wand Cartridge Filter Cleaner Owner's Manual (Wand_Cartridge_Filter_Cleaner_INFORMATION.pdf, 326 Kb) [Download]

Very handy and simple to use.
I thought cleaning the sand filter would be a sonofagun but we got one of these things and it's done in a couple of minutes.
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