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What’s the Right Temperature for a Commercial Pool?

Depending on what kind of customer your pool is serving, you will need to keep it at a specific temperature. Here are the various temperatures you may be required to set your pool or hot tub to, and the commercial pool heaters you can use to most cost-effectively meet those temperatures.

Commercial Pools for Water Athletes

Water that is too warm will harm athletes, giving them muscle cramps or reducing their performance. On the other hand, water that is too cold offers the swimmers more resistance, which can reduce their times. If pool temperatures are different, it’s hard for swimmers to compare times. As temperature is so closely related to an athlete’s success, sport associations set requirements for pool temperatures that you will have to follow.

To know the specific temperature required, you’ll need to check with the sports association you are hosting. To give you some idea, the Olympics require swimming pools for speed to be set between 25° C to 28° C (77° F to 81° F). Synchronized swimmers need a more specific temperature: 27° C (81° F).

Both electric and gas pool heaters can achieve these narrow temperature ranges.

Commercial Pools for the General Public

If the people swimming in your pool are just having fun, and not competing in water sports, they will prefer slightly higher temperatures, for comfort. The recommended maximum temperature for these swimmers is 29 ° C (84° F). Reducing the temperature of your pool can save you in operating costs, however that may make your swimmers less comfortable. Instead, choose an energy efficient commercial pool heater to get the best of both worlds.

For large pools that service the general public, commercial natural gas heaters are usually the best choice. Not only can they help you achieve the higher temperatures the public prefers, and quickly, they can do so cost-effectively.

Birthing Pools & Hot Tubs

One very unusual subset of swimmers is expectant mothers. Birthing suites with pools and hot tubs have become more common as they offer labouring mothers a lot of comfort. However, these pools and hot tubs must be kept at dramatically lower temperatures to ensure no harm comes to the baby.

A commercial grade electric pool heater, like the ones manufactured by Coates, is a better choice for birthing pools and hot tubs for expectant mothers. At lower temperatures there is less energy demand on the pool heater. Further, a gas leak, while rare, is highly dangerous for pregnant mothers.

If you’re not sure which exact model of pool heater is best for your commercial pool, reach out to us at Pool Supplies Canada. We have the experience and knowledge you need to get the most cost-effective heater for your business.

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