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Système Nature2 de Zodiac pour les Piscines Creusées


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Description Détaillée du Produit

Minerals + Chlorine unite

The Nature2 Fusion Inground is the ultimate chlorine and mineral purifying system for inground pools. By combining patented Nature2 mineral technology with an automatic chlorine tab feeder, Nature2 Fusion Inground delivers water that is noticeably cleaner, clearer, and softer. Nature2 is proven to control bacteria and algae, so your pool water will be sparkling clean without having to add extra chemicals. Nature2 is a natural supplement to chlorine, so it helps maximize chlorine investment, while reducing the annoying and harmful effects of harsh chemical use. No other system is this complete or easy to install, use, and maintain. With Nature2 Fusion Inground, you are just a few simple steps away from pool water that is noticeably cleaner, clearer, and softer.


  • Easy to install and compatible with most swimming pool filtration systems
  • Mineral purifier and chlorine dispenser in one
  • Bacteria and Algae control - Nature2 minerals and chlorine control bacteria and algae
  • Cleaner, clearer, softer water and maximizes your chlorine investment
  • Control chlorine output with easy-to-read adjustment handle

Technical Details

  • Holds ten 3" trichlor tabs, or four pounds of 1" trichlor tabs
  • Utilizes our standard 2" x 2½" Universal Unions
  • Engineered to commercial standards

Product Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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