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by Dion Rodrigues

Attractive, convenient and affordable – choose an Above ground pool to transform your backyard into your family’s perfect summer water paradise!

10 reasons why Above Ground Swimming Pools are the best option for you!

1. Convenience:

Compared to inground pools, Above Ground Swimming Pools are amazingly quick and easy to install – and also to disassemble if you ever need to move.

2. Commitment:

An investment in an Above Ground Swimming Pool is an investment in summer fun for the whole family, but one that doesn’t permanently alter your backyard. With an Above Ground Swimming Pool, you’re always free to remove it, move it, or change it.

3. Upgradability:

If you love your Above ground pool and want to invest in an inground, that’s always a possibility! An Above ground pool is a great way to test the waters of your interest in a pool before taking the plunge with an inground model.

4. Fun:

Imagine coming home every day to a vacation – it’s entirely possible, when your backyard is your favourite getaway spot! An Above ground pool gives you all the benefits of a pool at your toe-tips, all summer long.

5. Affordable:

Above ground pools put all the fun of summer within reach of almost every family. Why put off buying a pool for years when you can afford the right pool for you immediately – and enjoy countless seasons of fun in the water?

6. Family:

It’s hard to find a gift that everyone will enjoy, but an Above Ground Swimming Pool is a present that keeps giving to your family (and even your friends) for years!

7. Escape:

Look no further than your backyard for the ultimate getaway! All the comforts of home, combined with all the joys of swimming... what better way to escape from humdrum daily living than with your own Above Ground Swimming Pool to enjoy any time?

8. Safety:

With features like easily removable ladders, Above Ground Swimming Pools are a snap to secure. You can ensure the safety of your and other children with a few simple steps, instead of the full perimeter fence required by inground pool models.

9. Low maintenance:

With technologically sophisticated construction materials and top-notch engineering, above ground pools are easier to maintain than ever.

10. Efficient:

Two chief causes of wasted energy for swimming pools are evaporation (and subsequent heat loss) and pump use: with a more modest surface area and lower-powered pumps than many inground pools, above ground pools are often much more energy-friendly.


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