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18 x 36 ft Oval Basic Pool Winter Cover

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Our covers are Laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching that ensures superior tensile strength and durability. All covers are manufactured with a high weave count and are treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays, which inhibits deterioration, prevents tearing, and increases the covers' longevity and lifespan.

Not for use with Soft Sided Pools (Intex, Bestway, etc)


  • Keep your pool free of dirt, leaves, and debris
  • Stop chemical loss through evaporation
  • Prevent algae growth over the Winter season
  • Protects your pool from Winter damage
  • Makes pool opening in the Spring simple and clean


  • Blue / Black in Colour
  • Woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching
  • Both sides of the cover have 3.24oz lamination for UV resistance and increased lifespan
  • Cover includes a winch and coated cable to secure the cover to the pool
  • Every cover comes with additional material (true 4 Foot overhang) to ensure your pool is fully covered during the off season
  • Full cover size is 22 x 40 ft Oval
  • Cover weight: 15.2 lbs
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 8 years (2 years full) - Against seam separations only. This warranty does not cover any punctures, tears, excessive abrasion, pest damage, etc.

    Our winter covers are made with 4 feet of extra overhanging material for a better fit. Also, the extra material can take some of the slack out of the cover in windy conditions, better protecting your pool!
    The strength of a winter cover depends on the number of weaves. Our winter covers have a higher number of weaves in them, for an all around stronger winter cover!
    Our winter covers have a higher weave count, and the tighter weave fabric blocks out harmful UV rays, preventing algae growth in your pool during the winter!


    General Procedures

    1. Since the cover is designed to rest on the pool’s water, it is important to be sure your pool in not leaking prior to installation.
    2. Your cover is made from extremely strong and durable material. However, it is required that your cover be protected from sharp corners, rough edges, or any hard surfaces that may cause abrasion. Padding such as old towels, foam remnants or other similar materials are recommended.
    3. It is important that covers be installed properly and snugly so that the wind will not cause damage to the cover by getting underneath, causing it to billow or flap.

    Above Ground Pool Installation

    1. Be sure that the cover will be supported by the water in the pool and that the cover is not in direct contact with any sharp, rough or abrasive surfaces.
    2. Lay out the cover on the ground. Thread the cable through the grommets (or loops). The cable must remain on the outside of the cover, except between the pairs of grommets.
    3. For covers with a turnbuckle and clamps, open the turnbuckle until only the ends of the screw show on the inside. Pull one end of the cable through the loop of one turnbuckle screw and secure it with a cable clamp. Pull the other end of the cable through the other loop. Pull the cable tight and secure it with the second clamp. Tighten the turnbuckle by turning it. Make sure the cable lies on the outside of the cover all around the pool except where it goes through the pairs of grommets. The cable must fit tightly against the wall of the pool to prevent wind from getting underneath the cover. To loosen or remove the cable, turn the turnbuckle in the opposite direction.
    4. For covers with a winch, insert one cable through the hole at one end of the winch and into the center spindle,. Turn the spindle a few times to secure the cable. Insert the other cable end through the other hole on the winch and pull the cable through the spindle as far as it will go. Turn the winch handle to tighten the cable. Make sure the cable lies on the outside of the cover all around except where it goes through the pairs of grommets. The cable must fit tightly against the wall of the pool to prevent wind from getting underneath the cover. To loosen or remove the cable, press the lever on top of the winch and turn the handle in the opposite direction
    5. Before placing the cover over the pool, lower the water level in the pool to 6” (15 cm) below the skimmer opening. If the skimmer is through-the-wall, cover the skimmer opening. Inflate an air pillow and secure it in the center of the pool by tying the grommeted ends with a nylon rope to the side of the pool wall. Place the cover over the pillow; this will let the cover fall on the water around the circumference of the pillow. Pull the end of the cover over the pool wall. It is important that the cover fits snugly against the wall to prevent wind from getting under the cover and causing the cover to billow and flap. Such billowing and flapping can cause serious damage to the cover. If you cannot get a perfectly snug fit, block any openings between the cover and the pool wall using Winter cover sealer.

Installation Instructions (Fabrene-Winter-Cover-Instructions.pdf, 43 Kb) [Download]

Warranty (Basic_Winter_Cover_Warranty.pdf, 334 Kb) [Download]

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