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20 x 40 ft Rectangle Premium HD Tan Pool Winter Cover

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Protect your inground swimming pool with our new Premium HD winter pool cover. It is made with the heaviest-duty strongest rip-proof polyethylene fabric used in pool covers. The tan material is reinforced with 14 vertical and horizontal threads per square inch, the material used is 50% stronger and is also lighter than other comparable covers, and the premium-quality marine-grade 1 1/2" binding along the perimeter of the cover protects against wear and tear.

This cover has an additional 6' overlap to ensure this cover will fit your pool perfectly. The top side of this winter cover has been treated to reflect UV rays, and the bottom of this winter cover is black to prevent algae growth in your pool. Use water bags to secure the pool cover in place during closing (not included).

For instructions on how to Winterize your inground pool, click here.

Premium HD Winter Cover Features:

  • Fits 20' x 40' rectangle inground swimming pools, with 6' of extra material for complete coverage (actual cover size: 26' x 46')
  • Cover weight: 37.65 lbs
  • Made from high-density rip-proof polyethylene material
  • 14 x 14 scrim count (threads per square inch) for maximum strength
  • Top surface is protected to resist damage from UV rays
  • Under side of cover is black to prevent algae growth
  • Perimeter boasts heavy-duty binding to prevent wear and tear

Includes a 15 Year (3 Year Full) Manufacturer's Warranty

Our winter covers are made with 6 feet of extra overhanging material for a better fit. Also, the extra material can take some of the slack out of the cover in windy conditions, better protecting your pool!
The strength of a winter cover depends on the number of weaves. Our winter covers have a higher number of weaves in them, for an all around stronger winter cover!
Our winter covers have a higher weave count, and the tighter weave fabric blocks out harmful UV rays, preventing algae growth in your pool during the winter!


General Procedures

  1. Since the cover is designed to rest on the pool’s water, it is important to be sure your pool in not leaking prior to installation.
  2. Your cover is made from extremely strong and durable material. However, it is required that your cover be protected from sharp corners, rough edges, or any hard surfaces that may cause abrasion. Padding such as old towels, foam remnants or other similar materials are recommended.
  3. It is important that covers be installed properly and snugly so that the wind will not cause damage to the cover by getting underneath, causing it to billow or flap.

Inground Pool Installation

  1. Be sure that the cover will be supported by the water in the pool and that the cover is not in direct contact with any sharp rough or abrasive surfaces.
  2. Lower the water level in your pool below the skimmer (No more than 18 inches below the coping).
  3. Place the cover on the ground and spread evenly over the pool.
  4. Insert unfilled water bags into the waterbag loops (for covers without loops, lay the water bags directly on to the outside perimeter of the cover).
  5. The water bags must cover the entire perimeter of the cover to prevent wind from getting under the cover and causing the cover to billow or flap. Caution: such billowing or flapping in the wind can cause serious damage to your cover, so be sure the waterbags are placed end-to-end.
  6. Fill the waterbags. If you are in an area of extreme cold, fill the waterbags only half full to allow for ice expansion.

Winterizing your Inground Pool Guide (PSC-IG-Winterizing-Guide.pdf, 838 Kb) [Download]

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