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20 x 40 ft Rectangle Solar Cover 8 mil

Sku: TS3B2040
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Detailed Product Description

A solar cover is your best investment to extend your swimming season and cut heating costs! Our solar covers are made of durable resin and have thousands of tiny air bubbles designed to capture and transmit solar heat to your pool. A solar cover will keep your pool water cleaner by blocking out dirt and debris. Save on chemicals, cut water evaporation by up to 95% and prevent heat loss. A solar cover also takes advantage of the sun's free heat. Typically a 15° temperature rise can be expected.

General Information
  • Bubble: extrusion method eliminates delaminating.
  • Hot air sealing of 1 inch width, for a solid joint.
  • Packaged in a reusable polypropylene bag for storage.
  • Top-quality polyethylene
  • Only 100% new material
  • Better transparency
  • Long-lasting
Fabrication method
  • Plastic bubble on line extrusion method
  • Sealed 4 feet wide
  • Best technology available (complete automation)
  • Unique in North America
  • Best durability
  • Made in Canada
  • Keeps the water temperature warmer
  • Reduces evaporation of water
  • Reduces considerably evaporation of chemicals
  • Decrease the costs of chemicals
  • Decrease the costs of electricity to warm the water
  • Extend swimming season

Please Note that the actual size given in this box may be a size larger and might require trimming.

Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 year prorated warranty against seam separations only. Warranty does not include punctures, tears, excessive abrasion, pest damage, etc.

Solar Cover Performance

Customer Reviews

Excellent quality especially for the price. I have a 12 ft Bestway Hydro Force Steel Frame pool and the liner was actually a little big but easy to trim. I will come here for all my future pool needs.

Review by Laura on June 3, 2015

Verified Review


Review by CoolnessIsMe on March 26, 2014

Verified Review

Wow! I purchased the blue 8mm solar cover for my 15x33 Summer Waves easy set pool and the solar cover works awesome!!!! It’s great quality compared to others we have had and fits the pool perfect, there is enough to come up on the sides of the pool about an inch, which is great for keeping debris out. We are so happy with it and so happy we ordered this one rather then other ones we looked at, no one could beat Pool Supplies Canada price either! I wish I could upload a pic of the cover in our pool, i just took one about 10 mins ago. If you’re on the fence like I was - DON’T BE, BUY IT lol!

Review by Ashley D on July 10, 2019

Very thin but it’s ok.

Review by Steve K on July 16, 2019

My blue solar cover is great to keep the water warm and clean

Review by Janice on March 14, 2014

Verified Review

Great cover, and compared to prices in my town this is a very good deal!

Review by Selena Krubhs on March 26, 2014

Verified Review

Review by DanPurcell on October 23, 2018

Works well!! Great price.

Review by Nick M on September 26, 2019

Verified Review

Worked great. Was shipped to my door in good time.

Review by Steve P on October 5, 2019

Verified Review

Review by Annie L on May 17, 2020

Verified Review

It kept the waterfrom evaporating and is good like that but not so hot for temperature. We bought the clear one from you yesterday and will be happy when it gets here.

Review by NathanLowville on March 20, 2014

Verified Review

C`est parfait, merci

Review by marcel b on October 21, 2019

Verified Review

You have the best solar covers, this is my second time buying only because my dog chewed the sides of the first. Best prices and really good thickness to them

Review by daniel on April 17, 2014

Verified Review

This cover I have had for quite a few years and just started falling apart. I did shock my pool maybe too harsh but over the years has worked pretty well.

Review by GrampaSam on March 6, 2014

Verified Review

I use this on much warmer days and it heats the pool almost as well as the gas heater.

Review by Shirley Gene R. on March 6, 2014

Verified Review

5 stars

Review by Don F on June 14, 2020

Verified Review

Ok so you guys told me the clear one was better and I bought the blue one instead. It's ok but thinner than I thought itd be. It covers the pool ok but next time I am going to buy the clear onew

Review by Racer636 on February 26, 2014

Verified Review

Review by gui;llaume b on June 4, 2020

Verified Review

Its an awesome cover, great quality and for 8mm thick, super durable!!!

Review by Shane H on June 5, 2019

Verified Review

It was delivered when they said and great quality!

Review by Cathy M on June 19, 2020

Verified Review

Review by Michelle I on August 20, 2019

Verified Review

This product is awesome a bit shorter than the actual size but it does what it suppose to

Review by Michael Y on June 19, 2019

Verified Review

Spend more and get the thicker cover. This is really thin I'm not happy with this item at all. The wind blows it right off the pool and it is hard to get it rolled up without large creases.

Review by Jamie H on May 25, 2020

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