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by Dion Rodrigues

Pool Supplies Canada offers the newest, top of the line pool supplies and accessories for less - including some amazing ones that you might not have known about, but soon won't be able to live without!

Variable Speed Pumps
Light Show

1. Variable Speed Pumps – are you struggling to come to terms with your energy bill? What if there was a way to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and running your pool? With a variable speed pump you can slash your energy costs by 80% compared to a conventional pool pump.

2. Solar Pill is a liquid solar blanket which helps minimize heat loss due to evaporation. Solar Pill forms a harmless, ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the water which reduces evaporation. One capsule treats a 30,000-gallon pool for one month. Solar Pill works best along with your pool heater to help you maintain temperature levels and it can be used with all types of sanitizers and pool chemicals. Plus, it is environmentally friendly and safe on skin.

3. Robotic Pool Vacuums – meet your new best friend! With a robotic vacuum for your pool you simply drop your robot in your pool and let it go to work. Robot pool cleaners vacuum your entire pool, even the nooks and crannies without any effort on your part. If you’re tired of spending time and labour cleaning your pool then it might be time for you to get an efficient, cost-effective robotic pool vacuum which will work 24/7 to keep your pool clean.

4. Maytronics Skim Doctor™ - struggling with surface dirt and particles ruining your pool experience? Attach the Skim Doctor™ to your skimmer basket and quickly remove more surface dirt and particles. Plus, you can reduce the salt and other chemicals that you add to your pool. You’ll even notice a reduction in your energy costs when you use Skim Doctor™ because it will lower your pump run time.

5. Nature2 Purifier – tired of having red, irritated eyes after swimming? The Nature2 Purifier safely reduces chlorine requirements, which helps to eliminate the irritation to your skin and eyes that occurs when you have too much chlorine in your pool. This purifier uses a controlled release technology that helps to naturally condition pool water while stabilizing pH levels.

6. Swimline FrogLog – worried about small creatures finding their way into your pool? The Swimline FrogLog provides an escape ramp for frogs, squirrels, turtles, lizards and other small animals. For less than $30 you can save the life of a small critter while keeping your pool clean and animal-free.

7. Game’s Underwater Light Show – if you use your pool in the evening then this is the pool accessory for you. This floating disco light ball displays a colourful light show that projects on the bottom and walls, even after the party is done.

Whether you’re looking for pool covers, chemicals or parts get it for less and enjoy fast shipping at Pool Supplies Canada.