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Adapter Ring original white for Vinyl, Steel or Concrete

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AL 7
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Adapter Ring original white for Vinyl, Steel or Concrete


Rainbow Rays LED + AQUA/LAMP
AL 1 SS Fillister Head Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4" (for Clear Lens)  
AL 2 Lens Ring (Clear)  
AL 4 O-RING only - for regular 60 Watt 12 Volt Sealed Beam Bulb and LED Bulb  
AL 5 Lamp Receptacle c/w Water Tite Connector (no Sealed Beam)  
AL 5-GREY Lamp Receptacle - GREY c/w Water Tite Connector (no Sealed Beam)  
AL 5-WT Water Tite Connector - for Lamp Receptacle only (Grommet + Nut)  
AL 6 SS Screw 10-24 x 1/2" (for Adapter Ring)  
AL 7 Adapter Ring - original WHITE (Vinyl/Steel/Concrete)  
AL 7-GR Adapter Ring - GREY  
AL 7-BL Adapter Ring - BLACK  
AL 85V Black Gasket Steel/Vinyl 7" x 6" x 1/8" (used with Adapter Ring Install)  
AL 95V Black Gasket SteelVinyl 7" x 6" x 1/4" (used on Niche Assembly only)  
AL 9C White Gasket for Concrete/Fiberglass 7"x 4-3/4"x 1/8" (used with AL7)  
ALFG-SET Fiberglass Install Set (incl. 1x AL9C, 12 x 3/4" and 12 x 1" SS Screws)  
AL 10 Niche Assembly  
ALWTSET additional Water Tite Connector Set = for Niche Installation  
AL 12 Anti Siphon Cap  
AL 14 12 Volt Sealed Beam 60 Watt Bulb c/w O-Ring  
AL 14-RR 12 Volt Rainbow Rays LED Bulb c/w O-Ring  
AL 15 Rainbow Rays or Aqua/Lamp SINGLE Transformer Box - complete  
AL 15-2 Rainbow Rays or Aqua/Lamp DUAL Transformer Box - complete  
AL 20-RR Wireless Remote Control Unit c/w 1 Key Fob (for Rainbow Rays or Aqua/Lamp Light Systems)  
AL 21-RR Replacement Key Fob only (for wireless Remote Control Unit)  
ALTR Replacement BALLAST only (for AL15 or AL15-2)  
ALFS 10 Amp Replacement Fuse (for Aqua/Lamp Transformer Boxes)  
AL 15/AL 15-2
AL 21-RR AL 20-RR

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