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AlgaeFree Serious Stain Prevent

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Serious Stain Prevent helps prevent staining by "Locking up" mineral discolouration caused by dissolved metals, bore water and iron leaching etc. Especially in heated pools where metals plate out easily onto the walls and floor. It contains no phosphate based acids that provide nutrient for algae unlike other products. Regular use also prevents scale build up on salt chlorinator electrodes. It is suitable for all pool & spa types. For high metal concentrations use after treatment with the SeriouStain Remover to chelate excess metals.


  • Prevent Mineral Staining
  • Suitable for Bore Water
  • Removes Fresh Stains

Directions for use:

New metal stains: best results will be achieved by first adjusting pH to 7.30 and strictly maintain this for one month. Dissolve 600 grams in water per 60,000 L and add directly to the pool water away from weir skimmer box. Treatment may be repeated after one month for older stains.

Prevention and maintenance: Dissolve 300 grams in a buckets of water per 60,000 liters. With filter running, add to the pool water away from weir skimmer box followed by 100 grams monthly. Maintain pH between 7.2-7.6 (7.2 in heated pools or spas). Store in child approved resistance container.

Winterizing: Before draining away pool water below outlet pipes as part of your pool closing procedure, dissolve 600 grams in water per 60,000 liters and add directly to the pool water. Recirculate for at least an hour and make sure Serious Stain Prevent is completely dissolved and mixed so it can neutralize all dissolved metals

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