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Beluga Little Pool Heater Solar Heating Device

SKU: 3009

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Detailed Product Description

The Beluga Solar Pool Heating Device is a revolutionary way to heat your swimming pool using a garden hose. The Beluga device attaches to a standard 1.5 inch return fitting on above ground or inground swimming pools, and allows you to divert a small stream of water into a garden hose.

If you have ever picked up a garden hose that has been lying in the sun, then you know how hot the water can get. The Beluga allows you to slow the water down going through the hose, capturing all of the heat that the garden hose produces. The Beluga Solar Heating Device is the least expensive heating option on the market today - you can get your pool up to temperature sooner, extend your pool season, or recover from a cold rain or a cool evening without any additional costs! No expensive heater unit, no service bills, and no expensive energy bills - just one, simple product!

The longer the water is in the hose, the warmer the water will be when it exits. To increase the temperature of water entering the pool, use the longest hose that your space allows, and to reduce heating time, adjust the water flow to maximize the size of the stream at the time of day when the temperature is the hottest. The Beluga little pool heater works best when also used in conjunction with a pool solar cover.



  • Heat your pool with a garden hose
  • Save hundreds on your energy bill
  • Easily connects to a standard 1 1/2" return fitting
  • Designed to work with in-ground or permanent above ground pools
  • Increase the comfort and extend the swimming season of your pool
  • Economical alternative to gas or electric heating options

Installation Requirements:

  • Circulation pump
  • 1.5 inch threaded connector at water inlet to pool
  • Garden hose (black rubber hoses work best)

Instructions for Use:

  1. Turn the pool pump off
  2. Screw the device into the pool inlet
  3. Attach a garden hose to the outlet at the top of the device
  4. Lay the hose in a sunny area
  5. Place the discharge end of the hose over the pool
  6. Turn the pump back on
  7. Adjust the cap on the face of the device towards a closed position to force water into the garden hose. You may need to aggressively close the cap to fill the garden hose
  8. Once water is flowing from the opposite end of the hose, adjust the flow to approximately a ½" diameter or smaller stream
  9. Always make sure the discharge end of the hose is located securely over the pool; to avoid damage or injury, remove the device when the pool is in use, and consult your pool pump manual before installation
  10. Do not use the device to lift water more than 5 feet from the pool inlet

Includes a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty. U.S. Patent # 8,863,738 B2.

Customer Reviews


I'm glad I bought it!

Review by Kevin H on July 20, 2023


Great little device, very easy to set up and did a great job last weekend helping to warm my pool up several degrees - now we just need more sun!

Review by John W. on June 27, 2023

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Beluga Little Pool Heater Solar Heating Device $49.99

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