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Blue Overlap 18 ft Round Liner 48 or 52 inch

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Overlap Liner Description

Overlap swimming pool liners hang over the pools wall, and are then secured to the top of the wall using plastic coping (click here to purchase new/replacement coping for your pool). You then place the top rail of the pool over the coping to fasten it into place. Our overlap liners work with constant depth pools, and with pools that have 48" or 52" wall heights. After connecting the liner, any excess material is to be rolled up, or cut off for a clean finish.

This liner will work on flat bottom profiles and will also work with dished pools of up to 8 inches. This liner is designed for the size of pool specified in the product name.

*Please Note: This liner will not fit a pool with an expandable bottom or deep end*

Note: Due to the nature of various monitors, video cards and settings, colours shown on the site may vary slightly.

Liner Qualities and Highlights

  • The most technically advanced radio frequency (R.F.) vinyl welding reduces the chance of cold spots in seaming process.
  • High Pressure Heat Bonding, computer balanced combination of high pressure and exact temperatures insures a permanent bond.
  • Lap welded seams, unlike butt-welded seams; reduce both lateral and vertical tension.
  • Vacuum sealing, high volume air pumps combined with electronic air filter remove all impurities before bonding.
  • Quality control inspectors, inspect every liner during the welding process.
  • The high temperature curing, computer controlled process ensures 100% of the material is “Vulcanized” to the highest tolerances.
  • Above Ground Liners also come with an excellent 15 Year Prorated Manufacturers Warranty - On Seams Only.
PLEASE NOTE: Liners also come with a “DO NOT DIVE” sticker that MUST be placed 2 inches above the water level - It is imperative that this sticker is visible to all swimmers.
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Aboveground Pool Liner Measuring Guide (Measuring_Your Above_Ground_Swimming_Pool.pdf, 131 Kb) [Download]

Guide de Mesure pour les Piscines Hors Terre (Aboveground_Pool_Liner_Measuring_Guide_(Francais).pdf, 70 Kb) [Download]

Warranty (Above_Ground_Liner_Warranty.pdf, 2,220 Kb) [Download]

I bought one from Pool Supplies and it fit perfectly. I was very impressed with the delivery, came folded in a box. I was able to lift it into the pool and unfold it by myself. Even though we had an uneven bottom the liner was easy to install and hugged the bottom with very few wrinkles. Highly recommend it. Our liner only lasted two seasons due to two reasons (both the fault of the owner), one Grandpa let the chlorine levels skyrocket (not good for any plastics) and rocks the pushed up under the pool (not the liners fault...our fault for not enough screened sand on the base) You have to start with a good base. We also have tonnes of kids, grandkids, neighbours having a grand old time in the pool. I will be buying sand next season and will definitely purchase another one of these liners. Which I hope will last much longer than 2 seasons.
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