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Blueriiot Smart Automated Chemical Reader
Online Exclusive

Blueriiot Smart Automated Chemical Reader

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Detailed Product Description

Managing your pool or spa's water chemistry has never been easier!

A Pool Supplies Canada exclusive online product! The Blueriiot is a smart, fully automated pool and hot tub water analyzer that constantly and automatically measures your water quality and lets you know what chemicals your pool or hot tub needs to maintain proper chemistry - all from your smartphone! Best of all? Blueriiot is compatible with ALL shapes, sizes and types of pools or hot tubs! Whether you use chlorine, salt or bromine, just drop it in, and it's systems will automatically start monitoring your water chemistry - and Blueriiot does this all with no additional subscription fees!!

Blueriiot is continuously measuring all of the main parameters of your pool or hot tub, thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor, including:

  • pH
  • Water Temperature
  • Sanitization (ORP - Chlorine)
  • Salinity (Salt)

Results are instantly communicated via notifications or emails to your smartphone, so you always know when you need to add chemicals.

When action is needed, a notification is sent from the Blueriiot app on your phone, and step-by-step guides are provided to help you properly and accurately add the required amount and type of chemicals to your pool.

What's in the Box?

  • Blueriiot unit and software, capable of 20 measurements per day, pH / temperature / sanitization / salinity tracking, and differentiated push notifications to your iOS / Android smartphone for free!
  • Battery unit and pre-calibrated probes (battery is warrantied for 12 months, and will require replacement approximately every 2 years)
  • Wall tether to fix unit in place

Please note that the North American version of the Blueriiot does not include a Fit50 mount - if you do require a Fit50 mount for installation, please contact our customer service team in order to purchase one.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Blueriiot includes a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the device and probes, and a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the battery.

Customer Reviews

This thing is amazing - we will be buying another one for our hot tub. The only issue we have is that the extender is nearly useless unless you can mount it very close to the blue connect unit itself.

Review by Dallas B on August 29, 2019

Verified Review

Fonctionne très bien . mais attention prend un pile spécial qui n'est pas rechargeable pour remisé la sonde il faut la mettre dans un liquide spécial ... Fonctionne avec Alexa !

Review by Richard D on May 26, 2019

Verified Review

Super easy to use! Readings have all been really accurate so far and the guides are very helpful.

Review by David M on May 27, 2019

Verified Review

Very neat product. We have access to the Sigfox network which really enhances the item. Otherwise you can connect wirelessly via your smart phone or tablet. The WiFi extender has to be very close to the Blue Connect, so it really isn’t practical. The Blue Connect is the plus version (20 readings a day), is the salt version and measures ph, salinity in ppm, temperature and an overall pool cleanliness factor called ORP. This latter measure appears to be an alternative to the free chlorine approach. There are charts to convert, though they aren’t needed. The Blue Connect floats in the pool and comes with a pool chord to tie it to a ladder, for example. The negatives of having it floating in the pool and price are really outweighed by its usefulness. If you like digital gadgets this is a must have, especially if you have access to Sigfox. There are no connection fees with a Blue Connect, which is a big plus.

Review by Philip M on June 19, 2019

Verified Review

The blue extender needs to be really close to the blue connect. Also the extender is very flaky and I’m have to spend days trying to get it to work.

Review by Robert K on June 5, 2020

Verified Review

Seriously, don't mind negative reviews. Some folks just dont it. I have purchased this item early spring 2020, and wow! 1. Never ever i have ever had my water so clear for such a long time. And I don't expect to have any issues for all summer. Even when its +35 outside. 2. No more guessing what i need and when. 3. Its a hudge time saver. No need to run to the store to test the water. 4. This thing will paid itself. I have found my self using so little chemicals its nuts.

Review by Sébastien H on June 18, 2020

Verified Review

Couldn't be happier with this little blue fella. Smart, reliable and for an old guy that doesn't want to learn water chemistry, this piece of equipment is spot on. Very impressed.

Review by Steph L on June 6, 2021

Verified Review

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Blueriiot Smart Automated Chemical Reader $399.00
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