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12 ft Round Clear Premium Solar Cover 14 mil

14 Mil Clear Premium Pool Covers

SKU: TS6C0012
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Detailed Product Description

Clear Solar covers are the best available on the market - Why? Because they let the Sun through! It is proven that the more sunlight that radiates through a solar blanket the greater the increase in water temperature. Its simple if you think of a green house effect. The sun is attracted to the clear glistening cover and the heat is transferred to the pool water. Unlike black or very dark solar covers which create darkness under the surface creating an environment for algae to grow quickly, the Clear Premium 14 mil Cover allows it to be on for extended periods of time without concern. A solar cover is your best investment to extend your swimming season and cut heating costs! Our solar covers, made of durable resin, have thousands of tiny air bubbles designed to capture and transmit solar heat to your pool. A solar cover will keep your pool water cleaner by blocking out dirt and debris. Save on chemicals, cut water evaporation by up to 95% and prevent heat loss. A solar cover also takes advantage of the sun's free heat! Typically a 15° temperature rise can be expected.

General Information
  • Bubble: extrusion method eliminates delaminating.
  • Hot air sealing of 1 inch width, for a solid joint.
  • Packaged in a reusable polypropylene bag for storage.
  • Top-quality polyethylene
  • Only 100% new material
  • Better transparency
  • Long-lasting
Fabrication method
  • Plastic bubble on line extrusion method
  • Sealed 4 feet wide
  • Best technology available (complete automation)
  • Unique in North America
  • Best durability
  • Made in Canada
  • Keeps the water temperature warmer
  • Reduces evaporation of water
  • Reduces considerably evaporation of chemicals
  • Decrease the costs of chemicals
  • Decrease the costs of electricity to warm the water
  • Extend swimming season

Please Note that the actual size given in this box may be a size larger and might require trimming.

Manufacturer's Warranty: 6 year prorated warranty against seam separations only. Warranty does not include punctures, tears, excessive abrasion, pest damage, etc.

Solar Cover Performance

Manuals & Attachments

Customer Reviews

- Review by Kelly P on June 19, 2019

- Review by Kelly S on June 5, 2019

Bought this cover a few weeks ago, it works great at heating the pool and shipped fast but I have 1 big complaint. The cover sticks together when rolled up on the pool reel. It’s impossible to unroll it with just one person - someone has to help you pull the cover apart in order to unroll it .. even with 2 people it’s not an easy task and makes for very frustrating times when trying to put the cover back on the pool. If you’re not using a reel than you likely won’t have any problems ..

- Review by Danielle W on June 26, 2019

We have had this solar blanket for about 5 weeks now and have determined it is the best ever. The other standard blue blankets we have owned helped keep the heat in but not as well. This one feels heavy duty and though it is a little heavier and more stiff than other blankets, it's worth the minimal extra effort. It is really working for us! Not sure yet if it will last longer than others but we are hopeful.

- Review by Rick on August 21, 2017

I just received this solar blanket. I appreciate it very much. The first day, it was a little stiff and not easy to ride but soon after the second day was already more flexible and easy to roll and unroll. It keeps the heat well during the nights, the next day I lost only 2 degrees C. Note that I live in a region of Quebec where the nights are cold and I turn off my water heater for the night. I recommend this solar blanket and look forward to seeing it in the long run.

- Review by Odette N on June 25, 2019

Best blanket out there by far! I had the blue for years and when it bit the dust I went for clear... never had the pool so warm before!!!

- Review by A.Acree on February 28, 2014

Wow what a great purchase ! Received it in 3 days ! Does great with the heating !

- Review by Viviane on June 29, 2014

Bought this for my oval onground pool and its so much betrewr at warming up my pool then the old blue solar blanket I repalced it with! 5 out of 5.

- Review by Sue on February 20, 2014

I really like this cover, we don't have a heater for our pool yet and last summer all we used was this. left it on for a couple hours before swimming and the water was noticeably much warmer. Just wish it worked as fast as a heater :p lol

- Review by KarsonLHZ on March 6, 2014

Awesome cover, keeps way more heat in my pool then my old blue one ever did!

- Review by Jeff on March 21, 2014

Wow I really like this clear cover, left it on for a couple days before swimming and the water was noticeably much warmer, the temp jump from 62 to 72 and its not summer yet still we are the first week of May.

- Review by Sam Muscat on May 9, 2015

just received this cover and look forward to using it. Quality looks great and customer service with pool supplies Canada was flawless! Thank you Sandy!

- Review by Laurene B on May 15, 2019

This cover works great to warm up the pool! the temp rose 4 degrees in just a couple of hours the first day we used it!

- Review by Nestor Kinaschuk on August 19, 2014

Fantastic cover!

- Review by CTBC on March 11, 2014

vraiment merveilleux je l'ai laisser une semaine complète j'ai mis en marche le moteur de la piscine 4 h par jour et l'eau est rester lympide et elle a garder sa chaleur

- Review by jenny on July 22, 2014

bought this clear cover to replace the blue one we had for years. this one heats up the water much faster and you can feel its a better quality too.

- Review by Matt A on February 20, 2014

Was very nice for 2 years but the 3rd year bubbles are disintegrating due to "chemicals" so no warranty. Who doesn't have chemicals in their pool? (salt water above ground pool kept at proper levels)

- Review by Dev on July 29, 2014

- Review by Judy M on May 15, 2019

I have had this cover for 5 years on my pool in Mexico. I put it on Nov 1st to Mar 31 and it keeps my pool between 28 and 30 degrees. I use my pool every day so the cover comes off for maybe an hour or so. It's sunny here pretty much every day too and the plastic just takes it in stride. So far the only deterioration is a couple of 1 inch separations on the seam welds but that's nothing after 5 years in the blazing sun.

- Review by Cesarino Battistel on April 9, 2019

Really neat concept - heats my pool much better than my old blue cover. The lady mentioned it would have more of a green house effect for heating and I truly believe it does- no quality issue here, Made in Canada, shipped in an awesome bag - quick shipping, I'll do all my shopping with you for now on. Good show guys. I recommend this cover and have told all the guys at work as well.

- Review by Eli Thomas on June 25, 2014

Great Cover! - my cousin bought one from you guys and it works excellent on her pool - I just bought one also and love it. Would recommend also.

- Review by Dell on June 25, 2014

These covers do heat well, but do show dirt much more than the blue ones. Also, they seem to not have great quality control as the 3 pieces that are welded together are not smooth - there are wrinkles in the cover between the welds, like there wasn't even tension when manufacturing so it doesn't lay flat on the pool. The heating is much better than our blue one, but this one doesn't look anywhere close to as good on the pool. Only a few weeks old and the dirt really shows. If I could do it again, I would have chosen differently.

- Review by Evan on June 21, 2014

- Review by Scott S on June 9, 2019

the solar cover fits great. Only a little trimming was required.

- Review by Paul K on June 17, 2019

I was a bit reluctant to order the 14mm solar cover as one review indicated that it was stiff and difficult to roll up etc. I actually ordered the medium cover, I then contacted Pool Supplies Canada to inquire and they reassured me that the cover was very easy to handle and worked as described. I took a chance and ordered the 14mm cover. I was amazed at how easy the cover rolled up and I noticed that my pool temperature did not drop overnight at +14 celsius outdoor temperature, with my 8mm cover I would notice a 2 to 3 degree (farenheit) drop nightly at the same outdoor temp. Cover appears sturdy, hopefully it stands the test of time.

- Review by John R on May 20, 2019

I bought this solar blanket, and it is the best I have owned. Price is good, delivery was quick, and my pool is warmer by at least 15%. I won't ever buy a blue one again. Thanks to the great staff

- Review by Jo-Anne B on August 21, 2016

I bought one of these clear solar blankets (20x40) and I love it. Pool Supplies Canada had a great price and it was delivered quick. Very happy with the blanket. The seams are strong and the clear blanket does heat the water up more evenly, all the way down rather than just the top 12". The quality seems good (heavy duty 14 mil) and I'm hoping it will last longer than the blue one it's replacing. I'm very impressed with PoolSuppliesCanada.ca.

- Review by Mike B on July 23, 2016

I'm very happy with the fast shipping from Pool Supplies Canada.  However, I'm not impressed with the solar cover, so far.   It is not nearly as flexible or pliable as the cover I bought from you in 2015.  This new "premium" cover is too stiff... almost brittle.   This makes it much harder to roll onto the reel.  The other big problem is that, because it's so stiff, pool water is getting on top of the cover, at the seams, because it is remaining folded into the water slightly instead of sitting flat on top of the water.  This is creating a "trench" that fills with water, then the weight of the water pulls the cover down, causing even more water to pool on top.  This, of course, causes evaporation and defeats the purpose of the cover (In case you're wondering, I trimmed the cover very carefully to perfectly fit my kidney shaped pool.  I can send pictures to explain further).  My only hope is that it will soften up in time.  It's possible that the one I received is simply from a bad batch of plastic, but I'm not impressed.  For this price, I expected better.

- Review by Adam C on May 18, 2018

I have received my pool solar cover (the transparent one) and I can tell you I am very satisfied with it and the service received by your company! The owner of the company who opens my pool did not even know there was more than the blue pool covers!!!

- Review by Noella on May 12, 2016

Cheaper by over $60 compared to my regular store. Shipping was a bit much but I still ended up saving a lot.

- Review by Cammy on March 28, 2014

- Review by Michael K on May 20, 2019

I just finished my first season with my clear pool cover and I could not be happier with the product. It still looks like new. On a number of occasions I left it on the pool for days at a time and never had an algae on the cover. I found the 12mil cover easier to put on in addition to the extra durability.

- Review by JOHN t on September 30, 2014

First of all I can't say enough about how easy this transaction was. Having the cover delivered directly to the house was so handy since it is so large. This blanket was excellent quality and would have no reservations buying this again

- Review by Winnipeg pool owner on June 8, 2017

The blanket is much better quality than the majority of covers out there. It does a great job of reducing water loss and heating the pool. The "plastic bubbles" had never taken water in. However, although the warranty is 5 years, it won't last anywhere near that. Mine began tearing apart after 3. This is not covered by the warranty.

- Review by terry on September 18, 2016

I recently purchase the 18x36 14mm clear along with the roller and was very impressed with the service. The order was at my door in less than 48 hours and the price couldn't be beat by any local pool stores. The cover is high quality and is doing great heating and maintaining the temperature of the pool. Only mistake I made was going woth the 3" tube for my roller. The site recommended upgrading and going woth the 4" tube for larger pools and thicker covers. It still works fine but the roller does sag in the middle when rolled up. Overall though, great service, great price and great product. I'll be checking here first for all future pool supplies.

- Review by Eric Price on August 23, 2018

After our generic blue cover fell apart we decided to do a bit more research before buying our next pool cover. After reading reviews on various sites of covers by various manufacturers, we decided that the clear cover would be our best bet. The weight and dimensions of PSC's cover were comparable and the price was competitive, so we placed our order. It arrived within a week and was placed in our backyard as it came during the day. When we opened our cover we were disappointed to see that it had a hole, slightly larger than a toonie, near the corner. We debated sending it back but our pool is Roman shaped so we most likely would be able to cut it out when we trimmed it. The cover is slightly wider than our pool, but that it okay, and we did not want to trim a side down as the we were afraid of interfering with the seam. Those are the only cons. We immediately noticed the increased thickness and overall better quality of this cover compared to our previous cover. While it makes it a bit more onerous to roll it up (it's much harder to do it alone, now, that's for sure) it is not enough to be a deterrent. We were absolutely shocked at how quickly and how much this cover warms up our pool. The first day we put it on our pool was about 83 degrees. After a day in the sun, my husband checked it and it was up to 88 degrees! Within two days, it had gone up another 3 degrees to 91 and has remained in the high 80s/low 90s consistently for the past few weeks. We have not used our heater at all so far this summer, despite a few overcast days. We have never seen such an effective product and have told all of our fellow pool-owning friends about it. If you're in the market for a new cover, definitely purchase this one, you will not be disappointed. In the brief time we have used it (2 months) it has, in our minds, justified the extra expenditure (which was admittedly minimal since all the covers were on sale when we purchased it).

- Review by gunnergrrl on July 20, 2016

- Review by Lauren H on May 26, 2019

Excellent product, much superior to the one I initially had with pool pkg

- Review by Raymond H on July 10, 2019

- Review by Christen G on June 11, 2019

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