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Deciding Between a Commercial Sand Filter and Cartridge Filter

When you’re starting up a commercial pool business or looking to change the filters you use to manage your existing commercial pool, you might wonder if you should switch filter types. Are sand filters or cartridge filters better for your business? What’s the difference between them anyway? We’ll discuss everything you need to know about these two filter types.

The Major Difference

Both filters use small particles to capture the debris from the pool water. The pump pushes pool water through either cartridge and the pool debris gets stuck.

The basic difference between sand filters and cartridge filters is that the sand filter uses sand to capture the debris. Cartridge filters use a cartridge to capture smaller particles, at 10-15 microns instead of a sand filter’s 20-40 microns.

The Advantages of Sand Filters for your Commercial Pool

Sand filters are comparatively inexpensive and simple to install. They are a good choice for large capacity commercial pools because they need powerful filters to work efficiently. Most commercial pools will rely on sand filters. Also, for short-term start-up costs, sand filters are a good choice. Commercial pool owners may be interested in:

However, sand filters have downsides, too. The sand needs to be replaced on a regular basis (the timing of this change will depend on use). Although, you can get other types of media for sand filters, like our Filtra Balls. Still, replacement is a large recurring cost a business may not want to plan for. The filter also needs to be “backwashed.” In this process, the filters are soaked or pumped backwards to remove the build-up. Either way, this takes time that you and your staff members may not have.

The Advantages of Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are finer, collecting more debris and keeping your water cleaner with less input. Cartridge filters need to be occasionally soaked overnight, but you can do this during your pool’s off hours. Unlike sand filters, they don’t need to be back washed, which saves you energy and time, reducing your operating costs.

However, cartridge filters are more likely to be clogged, which means your staff will need to keep a closer eye on them and may need to clean them during operating hours.Also, cartridge filters tend to be more expensive than sand filters. On the other hand, they produce cleaner water. Commercial pool owners may be interested in:

Smaller commercial operations that use smaller back-yard sized indoor pools may instead prefer:

Commercial Pool Filters from Pool Supplies Canada

When you run a commercial pool the quality of your water isn’t just a matter of personal preference. You have customers to care for and a business’ reputation to protect. Don’t trust your pool business to a subpar filter. If you’re not sure which filter will keep your pool healthy, reach out to us for assistance!

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