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Hayward TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Product Name:
TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner
Product Code:
RC9990CTB (formerly RC9990GR)
Cleans Pool Surfaces:
Vinyl, Concrete, Fiberglass (Floor and Walls)
Cleaning Cycles:
1 & 3 Hours
Filter Type:
Cord Length:
55 Ft (Swivel)
Caddy Cart:
3 Year(s)
Replacement Parts

The advantages of a TigerShark QC vs. AquaVac

  • Hayward TigerShark QC has Quick Clean Cycle Mode - Hayward AquaVac does not
  • Hayward TigerShark QC has a 3 year Full Warranty - Hayward Aqua Vac does not

The Tried and True Performance of the TigerShark QC - Now With a New Look!

Save up to 94% on energy costs with the TigerShark Robotic Cleaner. The energy efficient Hayward TigerShark uses less energy then most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years. Its efficient cleaning pattern covers the entire pool – including the bottom and sides, all the way to the tile line. Watch the Video below on this page to see the TigerShark QC in action.

Easy Operation

Easy to use and operate, all you do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go with no additional tools required. It's even equipped with a convenient shut-off function, automatically powering down at the end of its three hour cleaning cycle. Utilizing its on-board smart computer, it calculates the size of your pool to a programmed energy efficient cleaning pattern for a spotless clean pool…every time. This advanced portable cleaner brushes and scrubs while it vacuums reaching everywhere in your pool including the bottom, sides and steps. It also features an easy to clean reinforced cartridge element, which means no more bag; yet another eco-friendly attribute. As an additional safety measure, all TigerShark's feature a 24 DC volt, energy efficient motor.

Exclusive Hayward TigerShark Quick Clean Mode

The Exclusive Quick Clean (QC) Mode gives you the option of cleaning the entire pool floor in a fraction of the normal cleaner time. This means if you are in need of a quick clean before company comes or you are going away on vacation, just hit the QC button to trigger the quick cleaning mode.

Product Warranty: 3 Year Manufacture Warranty

*Please note that robotic cleaners are not guaranteed to clean perfectly around obstacles such as stairs, main drains, and safety ledges.*

TigerShark QC Mail In Rebate (2017-AquaVac-QC-Mail-In-Rebate.pdf, 835 Kb) [Download]

TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner Owner's Manual (TigerShark_QC_Robotic_Pool_Cleaner_MANUAL.pdf, 888 Kb) [Download]

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