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iSolar Pool Solar Heating System

iSolar Pool Solar Heating System

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Detailed Product Description

Free energy! More heat! Simple installation!

The all new iSolar solar heating system for above ground pools is the easiest way to raise your pool water temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit / 6 degrees Celsius! Easy to set up and even easier to use, there has never been a better way to harness the power of the sun to heat your pool for free. Refer to the thumbnail image above or the Manuals section to ensure you are ordering the right number of iSolar panels for your pools shape and size. Recommended for use with above ground pools only.

Each iSolar Solar Heating System Kit Contains:

  • One 2' x 4' solar pool heating panel
  • One 1.5" x 6' long flex hose
  • two 1.5" stainless steel hose clamps
  • One panel repair kit
  • Two adjustable panel support stands
  • One roll of teflon plumbing tape

For setups with one or more panels and/or a pump larger than 1 HP equipped, a bypass kit is required for proper operation. Heating results may vary by geographic location and depending on the amount of direct sunlight your pool receives. The use of a solar cover in conjunction with iSolar solar heating systems is recommended for best performance and heat retention.

Above Ground Pool Size Above Ground Pool Volume (Gallons) # of iSolar's Required
15' Round 5,500 1
18' Round 7,500 1
21' Round 10,000 1
24' Round 13,500 2
27' Round 17,500 2
12' X 24' Oval 7,500 1
15' X 30' Oval 13,500 2
18' X 33' Oval 17,750 2

Includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty Coverage: iSolar Solar Heaters come with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. The manufacturer warrants solar heater against defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty will be void due to improper installation or use, or if damage is caused by ice. Warranty does not cover any labour charges, cost of lost water or chemicals, or any other damages that may occur.

Start a Warranty Claim: To begin a claim please email with a photo showing the defect(s)/damage to your iSolar Solar Heater and include a brief explanation of what occurred.

Customer Reviews

Cant seem to get good water flow into the pool through heater. Im not sure what to do. I am disappointed

Review by Melody S on June 21, 2022

Verified Review

Review by Cristina M on July 7, 2021

Verified Review

Review by Jessica O on June 18, 2021

Verified Review

Review by Maureen M on June 15, 2021

Verified Review

I have noted a few things, first I have a 15 foot round, sand filter with a 1hp pump. I don't like getting blind sided with problems, especially when I put out a lot of money for a sound proven low tech product. During the install I noticed the threaded fittings were very sloppy and the barb is just shy of the national standard. Be prepared to use a lot of plumbers tape and I mean a lot. When running water through it I noticed a considerable flow drop off and a 7lb increase in back pressure (10psi to 17psi). The leaf basket on the pump will not completely fill with water and the skimmer weir will not fall back far enough to let floaters in. I had to add a modified bypass with 2 barbed Tees and a ball valve as an adjustable restrictor to increase the flow rate and reduce the back pressure. The "ByPass Kit for Solar PRO Heaters XD1 or XD3 & Curve" may work but for $80 I do not have faith due to the lack of fine tuning and the tear down to find the right restriction. This was another $30.00 add on. The bypasses being offered for extra will not accomplish this task. Now for the heater itself, it gets hot, which is the whole point. I should be able to hit close to 37 deg C with Windsor ON weather. My review may seem negative but its not. I'm giving a 5 out of 5 for heat production and aesthetics, a 4 out of 5 only for the sloppy threads and a 3 out of 5 for the flow/pressure problems. Independents have rated this type of heater a 7 out of 10 going up against the roof top monsters so in my opinion it is worth the investment.

Review by Glenn B on June 3, 2021

Verified Review

Works awesome!!

Review by Matthew D on May 2, 2021

Verified Review

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iSolar Pool Solar Heating System $239.99

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