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Kreepy Krauly Inground Pool Cleaner

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It's been redesigned for greater cleaning coverage from the water line to the pool bottom. But it still gives you all the simplicity and reliability that over three million owners have trusted for decades. Kreepy Krauly cleaner's powerful suction relentlessly removes dirt and debris automatically. And with only one operational moving part, you can count on years and years of dependable service, and an exceedingly low cost of operation.


  • Redesigned for greater cleaning coverage from water line to pool bottom
  • Powerful suction makes removal of both large and small debris a cinch
  • No wheels, gears, or diaphragms to continually replace or repair
  • Regulator valve automatically adjusts water flow to set the ideal speed for maximum cleaning performance
  • No expensive, energy draining booster pump to buy, saving you significantly on your utility bills
  • Installs in minutes, with no tools required
  • 36 feet of cleaner hose included.

Product Includes a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Note: The Kreepy Krauly cleaner is not compatible with soft sided (INTEX, BestWay, etc) swimming pools.

Owners Manual (KreepyKraulyOM.pdf, 2,830 Kb) [Download]

Kreepy Krauly Product Brochure (kreepykraulyDS.pdf, 196 Kb) [Download]

Pentair Warranty Registration (Pentair_Warranty.pdf, 147 Kb) [Download]

i love it it works great this is my second one in 30 years. i never had a problem until my second unit, the pad just broke apart. still best pool cleaner on the market. though.
Order placed online Thursday around lunch. Received ups tracking number later that day. Box arrived (next day) Friday! ! It's April 21st just in time for the long weekend. I had an old classic kreepy that had to be replaced because of age.
The new style.. can't comment on performance yet but it is quieter (I'm not sure if the flapper wedge thing is redesigned or not).
Found another place that was 5 bucks less but their ad had the old classic part number but with the new style; their customer service said it was a new model.. but I didn't gamble and ended up ordering here. I have friends who have bought a cheaper suction style.. but they are poo.
One thing I was surprised about was the suction pad (not the skirt thing) - looking over the manual it compared a worn one vs a new one. New one has decent "tread depth" the old one was past wear bars.
Price, Service, Stock - Got all three!!!!
Thanks guys
At 1:30 pm yesterday I ordered a Kreepy Krauly which was delivered by UPS courtesy of the Pool Supplies “free delivery” service at 9:05 am the following day. Brilliant! On my last unit the body finally gave in after 30 seasons of chlorine exposure and until this point had only ever needed replacement hose sections and a couple of pleated mats.
We received this as a house warming present from our parents who've had one for years. It's awesome. Couldn't imagine not having it!
My sister in law recommended this cleaner, it does a great job and pool supplies canada was very helpful when placing our order.
Finally! most pool places dont carry the kreep krauly model anymore. Just ordered mine! I already know its good, had one for years and just now needs replacing.
Cool looking cleaner that does a pretty decent job of cleaning up. Cant get all of the stuff at the bottom but its a 9/10 cleaner for sure.
The coolest looking cleaner I've ever owned, way better looking then my old Hawyward green cleaner. DOes a pretty good job of cleaning up as well, misses a bit of the bigger stuff but excellent otherwise!
Decent cleaner.
Just like the one my parents had as a kid in our Inground Pool - Looks a bit nicer now though!
Really thick pleat compared to the other models i've seen out there. price was competitive- best i found in Canada and shipping was super fast. would recommend Pool Supplies to neighbours and friends.
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