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Magic Boss Protectant and Restorer

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Magic Boss™ Protectant and Restorer is ideal for the maintenance of recreational vehicles, cars and trucks. It protects and beautifies vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces and helps to regain a new and natural looks.

Rather than drying out the treated surface, Magic Boss™ Protectant and Restorer nourishes the surfaces, making them more flexible and restoring the original gloss, contrary to products made up of petroleum distillates. It enhances the colours and gives protection against UV rays, which are so damaging. Furthermore, its chemical composition incorporates powerful anti-statics preventing dust from accumulating in the pores of the vinyl and the plastic.

Treated surfaces will never have had such a sparkling look and this quality finish will last months, if not exposed to extreme weather. Each bottle of Magic Boss™ Protectant and Restorer is 480 ml in size.

Directions for Use:

  1. 1. After the area to be treated has been cleaned and dried, spray directly Magic Boss™ Protectant and Restorer on the surface or on a soft cloth and spread it uniformly.
  2. 2. A waiting period of 15 to 30 minutes is necessary to allow the product to penetrate well into the treated surface. After this time, it is possible to apply a second layer for a better result.

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