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Hayward ProLogic Pool - 4 Relays

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All the control necessary for the perfect pool experience.

Key Features

  • Manage up to four pieces of equipment in addition to one heater and a solar system on any pool or spa
  • Automate up to three rotating valves to control system flow and to create unique water features
  • Accommodates salt chlorination, advance LED light shows and chemical automation, as well as wired and wireless remotes to customize your backyard oasis
  • Automate energy-saving 2-speed and variable speed pumps for the most cost-effective pool management solution
  • Interfaces to home automation
  • Group functions enable single push button control of multiple functions

To manage your ProLogic Pool system from your mobile smart phone, you must purchase the Hayward AquaConnect Wireless Base and AquaConnect Home Networking Device in addition to this ProLogic Relay.

Product Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Installation Video

ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays INSTALLATION MANUAL (ProLogic_Pool_and_Spa_-_4_Relays_INSTALLATION_MANUAL.pdf, 948 Kb) [Download]

ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays OPERATION MANUAL (ProLogic_Pool_and_Spa_-_4_Relays_OPERATION_MANUAL.pdf, 681 Kb) [Download]

ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays MANAGEMENT INFO (ProLogic_Pool_and_Spa_-_4_Relays_POOL_MANAGEMENT_INFO.pdf, 143 Kb) [Download]

Automation - Selection Guide (Hayward_Automation_Guide.pdf, 60 Kb) [Download]

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