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Hayward ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays

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All the control necessary for the perfect pool experience.

Key Features

  • Manage up to four pieces of equipment in addition to two heaters and a solar system on any pool or spa or pool/spa combination, or pool/spa with a dual equipment set
  • Automate up to four rotating valves to control system flow and to create unique water features
  • Accommodates salt chlorination, advance LED light shows and chemical automation, as well as wired and wireless remotes to customize your backyard oasis
  • Automate energy-saving 2-speed and variable speed pumps for the most cost-effective pool management solution
  • Interfaces to home automation
  • Group functions enable single push button control of multiple functions

Product Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Installation Video

ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays INSTALLATION MANUAL (ProLogic_Pool_and_Spa_-_4_Relays_INSTALLATION_MANUAL.pdf, 948 Kb) [Download]

ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays OPERATION MANUAL (ProLogic_Pool_and_Spa_-_4_Relays_OPERATION_MANUAL.pdf, 681 Kb) [Download]

ProLogic Pool and Spa - 4 Relays MANAGEMENT INFO (ProLogic_Pool_and_Spa_-_4_Relays_POOL_MANAGEMENT_INFO.pdf, 143 Kb) [Download]

Automation - Selection Guide (Hayward_Automation_Guide.pdf, 60 Kb) [Download]

I LOVE THIS THING!!! Turns everything on from one source. No running around turning this on, shutting that off its all just on one control.
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